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NOV 06

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"Car prototypes just drive me mad i wish i had one of these babies ! bu..."

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LA AutoShow: Nine Designs, The Ultimate in the Future of cialis no rx Green Cars

We blogged a while back about the prospects for the LA Auto Show, and even broke the news that GM was designing a concept Hummer that would emit pure oxygen instead of CO2 through the use of algae converters. No one took that very seriously, as it sounded ridiculous, and hadn't been confirmed. Well consider it confirmed! And here we are, ready to bring you the eight other contestants in this year's LA Design Challenge.

We're excited to see that the focus isn't just on fuel cells and viagra herbal elecrics, but on making cars lighter, safer, and more efficient through broader design changes, embracing new materials, and developing some downright weird ideas.

Our favorite design of the competition is the
Toyota RLV (renewable lifestyle vehicle.)  When it goes, it goes, up to 75 mph at a pretty good clip, using nothing more than it's electric motor. But when you're stuck in a Los Angeles traffic jam, forget about wasting your batteries, and just pedal. That's right, the RLV has a pedal power option, if you're feeling like getting some exercise, taking it easy, or conserving your battery, just pedal the lightweight two seater to your destination. The RLV represents more than a new design for a car, it's a new design for cars in general and, from what I can tell, a darned good one.

Appointed 'most peculiar' is the aforementioned Hummer O2. This on cheap tramadol sales or off road concept is made entirely of post consumer materials, or at least, the parts that aren't made of algae. The vehicle's entire frame, which can flip up into a horizontal position for catching the sun's rays, is made of algae filled panels that convert the CO2 created by the vehicle into pure oxygen. We were close to sticking this one with the 'least likely' label as well, but that will have to come later.

I've decided that the Mini BioMoke is most likely to be used just to cruise around town looking cool. While that's not a very ecofriendly thing to do in general, doing it in a BioMoke is probably the most ecofriendly way to do it. Aside from looking awesome, the car car is open-air, fully recyclable, has mutli-fuel capabilities, is small and the body is made entirely of a compostable substance. We're seeing a lot of recyclable cars, but this is the only one that mentioned compostability.

Most likely to be seen in orbit around planet Earth: The Audi Dynamic Space Frame which, technically, isn't a whole car, it's just a new way of building them. The 'Space Frame' is made of some unspecified 'all inclusive' material that can be both the body and the frame of the car. The frame would surround all channels for liquid and electronics allowing the frame to pretty much be the car. The unspecified material (I assume some kind of advanced carbon composite) also takes advantage of the possibilities for rapid design and prototyping that makes composites so promising.

Least likely to exist: The Acura FCX Le Mans concept. We're going to where to get viagra be waiting a while for this car, which is based on 'compact fuel cell technology' that doesn't exist, and we've never actually heard of. The 'fully recyclable body' also seems to be based on non-existent technology.

Most High Tech: The Volkswagon NanoSpyder, which looks like a Formula 1 car, and is also based on technology that does not yet exist.  The difference between this and the Acura FCX is that it seems to be more well researched and, frankly, more interesting. The vehicle assumes nanotechnological techniques that have not yet been developed, but, if they were, would allow the car to be assembled, reassembled and disassembled on a microscopic level. Equally amazing are the claims of adjustable rigidity in the frame allowing for safer more efficient driving. 

Coming in at least interesting and levitra overnite non eco-friendly (also most based on existing technology) are the final three designs. The Mercedes RECY, the Kia Sandstorm and the Honda Extreme.

The real problem with the Sandstorm and the Extreme is that they are purely recreational vehicles which, while fun, is just a bad use of energy that often ends up harming the cialis best price environment through its mere existence. While the Sandstorm promises a hybrid drive, and a recyclable frame, it probably wouldn't be much good for commuting, with a top speed of 55 mph, and it looks to be almost exclusively created for cruising beaches.

The Extreme is interesting only in it's use of polycarbonate for it's chassis, and while light weight and probably fun to drive, I would rather driving not be fun, especially if it's powered by a mere gasoline engine, which this appears to be.

Finally, the Mercedes RECY which is the only concept I've seen before, lags behind pretty much all other models in promising recyclability and nothing else. While a wood frame is an interesting idea, I think there is more future in molded composites. And it's promised bio-diesel motor simply isn't interesting enough to warrant a high rank in this list of impressive concepts.

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written by GTW, November 07, 2006
Would it be more dignifying if the peddling is used for charging the battery as opposed to moving the vehicle forwards? :D
written by Hank, November 07, 2006
I'm not entirely sure, though, in my opinion, it would be best if you could do both. Pedal for motion to a certain speed, and then for electricity after that.

As for dignifying, I think giving over the right to power yourself to
written by Celia, November 07, 2006
I think pedaling the car would be dignified. There are those out there, myself included, that prefer bicycling for commuting. I wonder if this prticular vehicle has a roof. Riding a top-down convertible in the rain would be more undignified.
written by Hank, November 08, 2006
One of the themes of this competition seems to be rooflessness, a full 2/3rds of the cars in this competition are open air with no options for converting to a rain-safe state. Frankly, it's ridiculous, and sometimes practicality goes out the window when these concepts are being designed. In my opinion, the lack of roof is pretty much the biggest problem I have with my bicycle...
written by Celia, November 10, 2006
I do have to admit. These cars are unique and some even look fun to drive.
A roof on a bike
written by Grey, November 15, 2006
Hank has a point. They took the concept of cycling from the already invented bicycle, but forgot to actually invent something new for the current cycling audience.

A roof to buy viagra fedex protect the cycler during unfavorable weather.

I hope they read these comments and learn.
'Extreme'ly Stupid Comment
written by Odyssey67, December 30, 2006
"The Extreme is interesting only in it's use of polycarbonate for it's chassis, and while light weight and probably fun to drive, I would rather driving not be fun, especially if it's powered by a mere gasoline engine, which this appears to be."

And hence, ladies and gentlemen, why the 'green movement' has such a hard time getting traction in this country. Expressed eco-nazi attitudes like this one make suspect the thrust of where it's ultimately all intended to lead.

There is no reason why driving should not be fun, and no justification for eliminating the look here viagra online usa 'fun factor' altogether. Anyone who has driven the average European car is immediately faced with two things; one that the cars are a ball to drive, and two that they are also smaller & MUCH better on gas. Add to that the accident statistics (European countries have significantly lower vehicle death rates than we do), and that even using their mass transit systems are a pleasure (read: FUN), and you have a complete refutation of the 'fun is bad' theory of cialis for cheap making a more sustainable travel infrastructure.

If your goal is to actually get people in the seats of something that's less egregious to the environment, making said vehicle more fun than it's competition is proven to be the smartest business move one could make. And since that obviously is viagra half price pharmacy your goal, I have to ask: So what exactly is your problem? I have no degree in psychology, and no desire to tramadol pharmacy c o d get all Dr Phil here, but nonetheless ... to this laymam it seems your prejudices are blinding you to better things.

I suggest you remove stick from rectum. You'll certainly feel a lot better. And who knows? You might even accomplish (at least more of) your goal of saving the world too.
written by Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, September 28, 2007
Car prototypes just drive me mad i wish i had one of these babies ! but most of them aren't even designed to be driven just expo :(

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