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OCT 14

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"Well, at least somebody from that backward and where to get viagra cheap corrupt conservative st..."

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Solar Roadway Idea Receives $50K in Funding

Husband and wife Scott and Julie Brusaw are the winners of the first GE Ecomagination Challenge for their Solar Roadway concept.  As winners they've been awarded $50,000 in cash to develop the idea.

The concept for the solar roadway is just what it sounds like:  a road made up of solar panels.  The Brusaws are working with university researchers to develop a glass encasing for the panels that is as strong as or stronger than pavement.  Once that major hurdle is cleared, the team foresees stretches of roads and parking lots made from these panels that would power nearby businesses and EV charging stations.

The cash award will be used towards research and bringing in experts to work on developing the idea.

The Solar Roadways concept received 74,000 votes to win the overnight cialis generic canadian viagra 50mg challenge and the process has garnered a lot of attention and support for the idea.  The Brusaws say they now have a large worldwide following.

via Wired Autopia


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spelling error and thats cool
written by Anh Do, October 14, 2010
you guys spelled earned wrong and that would be awsome. i can see it right now
written by TipThePlanet, October 16, 2010
Wow. Sounds like a tough road ahead of them, pun intended. What glass could be stronger than pavement?
glass road
written by Sarah L., October 17, 2010
I want to know what driving on a glass road is like in rainy and snowy conditions. Can it stand up to being scraped by a snow plow? Maybe the glass can have little wires going through it just like a back windshield has to cialis without a prescription keep ice and snow melted. Hmmm...

Can this special glass be recycled? Does it get etched by regular wear and have to be replaced in order for the solar panels to work?
PV rules the world
written by Asaf Shalgi, October 17, 2010
Sounds like a good idea yet they certainly have their work cut out for them.
clear concrete
written by brent, October 17, 2010
i have a friend who is an engineer that works with a company developing all types of pavement. quieter, water absorbent, eco friendly etc... he told me a while back about a type of levitra professional mail order no prescription clear concrete that was being developed. i wonder if it would be transparent enough to be useful in this type of application.
But why?
written by Kat, October 18, 2010
Why not put the panels OVER the roads, instead, where there's no cars to block them? Then you wouldn't have to make super-strong glass, and they would shade the cars and cool the road - which will help cars save gas (if gas-powered) and save on AC.

Combine solar roads with wireless charging and buy viagra generic you might end up being able to make super-light cars that have tiny batteries.
to those proof spellers...
written by Ovi, October 20, 2010
please stop assaulting people with your remarks... watch the 50mg viagra retail price main idea. That's why this blog is here, not necessarily to be grammatically correct. I'm sick of you people...
written by Jay, October 20, 2010
I am continually dumbfounded by how this idea gains so much traction.
written by Ian, November 03, 2010
It's about time we exploited the potential of the millions of acres of real estate aka our road systems. They can carry much more than traffic. Why not use them to cheap viagra pill also carry electricity and information, as well as generate power? Now that's a super highway!
Solar Roadway
written by George E. Smolka, March 13, 2011
As a chemist I can tell you all that glass can be made in an almost infinite number of configurations including very hard durable surfaces that will not be easily etched. I would use this idea on what is cialis secondary rural roads, where the masking is only 2-10% of the time,(i.e.) that is the road is clear ~ 90-98%,of the time. Heavy vehicles while a problem, impact only seasonally, and still infrequently. A hard surface road would not generate nearly as much debris run off than is generated by a gravel rd. The impervious surface problem is cheap levitra with fast delivery much lower in rural areas since the water should be transported properly to adjacent forests,fields, or wetlands.( shoot, the as___oles that still think water is the enemy, 19th century thinking)Transporting electricity in rural areas wastes a lot of energy and costs tons. having the adjacent roads your generator could save states and townships billions of dollars. This is a static system. no armatures or stators to be replaced or updated,no high pressure steam lines to watch like a hawk lest they rupture and blow up your plant(I personally know this one i was in water treatment for many years), no railroads to be maintained to bring fuel, no fat,lazy executive salaries to subsidize with corporate welfare, no excuse for energy companies to purchasing cialis whine about ancient grandfathered, polluting dogs to leave in place to poison you,your children and other living things down stream.
The problem of fall vegetation(mainly leaves) is one i haven't solved yet- give me time. As for winter ice and snow- several options present. 1 tunable reflectors, LCD types under the solar panels, that can be cycled from light to dark and back depending on the the incident luminous flux. 2 Snow plows with flexible rubber guards that take off all but 1-2 cm of the snow, leaving the last bit to be melted off by the reflectors. Country people, in cold regions know how to drive on less than an inch of snow. The damn plows sometimes don't come through for several days in those areas- so what new. So whats to keep brain-dead Sam from running his old plow on his pick-up, on the public road, and tearing up the solar rd.? If he is getting his house current from that rd., his wife(significant other) and children will see to online viagra canada it that does not do it more than once in his life time, or his life time will become a lot shorter.
3. Potassium based salts could be used infrequently in an emergency, they do far less damage to the rd adjacent vegetation or farm fields( not zero but much less). As for maintenance- the counties currently have to maintain rds. anyway. With a better designed surface that does not have to be graded, ditched, weeded or treated with road oil their rd costs will drop. Since the rd will be generating revenue, nobody is going to give away the electricity. Some of the maintenance cost will be in the bill, some will come from local taxes, some should come from federal subsidies, and some should come from vehicle taxes since it is rd maintenance. With a diffuse highly distributed funding network nobody will or should feel abused except the energy pirates who currently make our lives miserable. Contrary to popular myth the private sector is not the most efficient( look at the health care debacle- if you want proof;write me at the above e-mail i will choke your computer with at least megabytes if not terabytes) This kind of generator should be put in where the adjacent owners will get a big benefit and click now cialis no prescription will support it. Light industry, replacing existing sprawl(long term many bedroom communities will not be sustainable) would benefit from such rds.but might need denser output(a staged covered solar road, where the idea of one commentator{ cover the road with solar panels}is very good if you choose your panels to use high frequency radiation by the upper panels and long wavelength by the rd panels {double dipping} supplemented by solar roofs,focusing collectors, and direct solar cooling(yes Virginia there is order propica a Santa Clause- write me if you want info on this-above e-mail)
This is all pie in the sky- the reality is much harder BUT you must have vision if you want change. If you can't see the peaks in the distance, you will never reach the link for you levitra and diarrhea top of Denali in your Aircam.
written by umar hussaini , April 27, 2011
yeah!! diz iz indeed a great idea. i have an assignment on how to improve green technology in the worl. so we can be sharing our ideas. thnks
Nothing new about this.
written by Chris Skinner, September 23, 2012
There's nothing new about the idea of paving roads and parking lots with photovoltaics by placing them underneath super-strong transparent material.I had done already come up with this and many other invention ideas decades ago.

But I never got any recognition for being way ahead of everybody else.Instead,ignorant and corrupt conservatives persecuted and detroyed my entire life and everything I could have done with it.They called me a crackpot who gets everything out of magazines and slandered me with the corrupt quackery of psychiatry and mental illness nonsense.All they ever want to do is maintain the status-quo for extremely arrogant,mediocre and pathetic people.... who falsely pretend to be better and more productive than everybody else.

I filed lawsuits against all the radical WRONG-wing conservative J.R.Simplot criminal thugs and Mormons who run the backward and corrupt State of Idaho.None of my complaints were upheld.All the corrupt officials were totally one-sided in taking sides with the perpetrators.And when President Bill Clinton and Bill Lee of the Justice Department tried to help me,they retaliated against Clinton with the sex scandal they masterminded(with the help of Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky).And when I tried to expose their stalking behavior and organized criminal harassment through the National Enquirer,they(J.R.Simplot scoundrels,the Mafia and the Mormons)retaliated against Democrats and liberal news medias with anthrax bio-terror attacks.

The crooked and corrupt F.B.I. and phony Injustice Department even to this day continues to take sides with the perpetrators(corrupt J.R.Simplot scoundrels,the Mormon Church,the Mafia,and etc....)by slandering me with corrupt psychiatry and mental illness nonsense....and by making an innocent Bruce Ivins the scapegoat and patsy to blame for their anthrax attacks.

Well,so much for a potential career as an inventor completely destroyed.... by all the incredibly arrogant and corrupt radical WRONG-wing conservative thugs and criminals above the law who run this country.
About time.
written by Chris Skinner, September 23, 2012
Well, at least somebody from that backward and corrupt conservative state caught up to where my creativity was at decades ago,anyway.

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