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"Hi, could someone please tell me how they can make a Chevy volt with a..."

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Focus Electric Is Ford's EV for 2011


While Nissan and buying levitra in the us GM seem to be getting the majority of the electric vehicle attention recently with the Leaf and the Volt both slated to buy cialis us begin reaching consumers in only a couple of months, Ford is getting its own electric vehicle ready for rollout. The Focus Electric, which is due in early 2011, will be a Ford Focus with a battery electric system and roughly 100 mile range.

The Focus Electric may be seen as a more direct competitor to the i use it buy discount levitra online Leaf, since both are solely electric vehicles. But, unlike Nissan, Ford's forthcoming Focus Electric uses a liquid system for both cooling and heating the lithium-ion battery pack. Thermal regulation of batteries is important for the performance, reliability, safety and durability of the system. The car's energy management will also activate the system when it is needed for battery charging. If the battery is not at the proper temerature to be charged, the thermal management system will bring the batteries to the correct temperature before beginning to charge them, helping to ensure a longer life for the battery system.

The Ford strategy is different from its competitors, with the company offering an electric drive option of the same vehicle that it offers with a conventional gas engine. The 2011 Focus Electric is usefull link how can i buy levitra in canada a Ford Focus with electric drive, rather than a separate and unique model of car. This gives the company flexibility from a manufacturing standpoint, but it doesn't draw as much attention to the company because the tramadol no prescription overnight electric model looks like the conventional vehicles. Would there be nearly as much buzz if the Nissan Leaf was instead an electric drive Altima?

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written by jmilsted, September 20, 2010
The Killer of buying viagra without a prescription electric vehicles is weight. Using the same vehicle as the gas powered model is obviously cheaper but a new design concentrating on weight reduction would be a better option in my mind. To bad Ford has taken the easy way out as opposed to he right way that Nissan has taken with the Leaf.
Looks do count and sometimes too much
written by beforewisdom, September 20, 2010
Some people want an electric car that looks and feels like a regular car.

The original Prius looked like a regular car and ugly. Toyota decided that "smug appeal" was a draw and made the next Priuses their know egg shell shape.

However, it came to bite them in the ass in an unexpected way. Rear window visibility was compromised. Many people do not like that and chose to buy something else ( myself included ).

Personally, with cars like the Honda Element on the road I am willing to sacrifice some mileage and aerodynamic efficiency for basic visibility.

I can learn to use the camera, but I have been driving so long that sooner or later old habits of going to look...and getting nervous if I can see......will come out.

There will be a market for new technology cars that look and feel like conventional cars.
Time for improvement., Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Doc Rings, September 21, 2010
I just saw a newspaper article ( from the 1900's, talking about "running out of oil", and also worried about coal reserves, too.
We won't "run out" of oil in any of our lifetimes, with oil shale. Yes, it will be expensive, and come at an environmental price, but we won't "run out".

That being said, I'm all about PHEV, and range-extended electric vehicles. That will be my next car purchase when my 26mpg Lexus bites the dust (still going strong, though, at 250,000 miles). Sometimes the greenest car is to only best offers levitra generic canada just keep drivin' what ya got, and avoid the manufacturing carbon costs of a new vehicle, until the we recommend canada viagra old one just can't go on.

It's about time!
written by IT Rush, September 21, 2010
Hmm, can't wait to see it running here in my place. smilies/wink.gif
Have your Mechanic Make You a New Car.
written by oneStarman, September 24, 2010
Convert your Present Car to Electric with available kits. Almost any car can be converted. It costs a third what a NEW car costs. Manual transmission, small cars are most practical but who cares? Add more batteries if you want more range. Keep that 1960 Mercedes 250 you love; but update it for a new century of driving. Drive that Eldorado with Eco-pride.
written by kabelo joseph thomas, September 24, 2010
ford is the best car in the whole world!!!
Ford Focus BEV
written by J Paul, September 24, 2010
Cost is a major hurdle in making EV's go mainstream. Hopefully using an existing body style will alow Ford to offer the BEV Focus priced below the Prius PHEV and way below the LEAF. Thanks for the article and keep them comming....
GM Volt
written by J. Marshall, September 28, 2010
I actually think that the volt is a pretty good looking car. But at $42K it is pretty darn expensive. More competition will push prices down.
IT expert
written by Charles Davis, May 26, 2011
Hi, could someone please tell me how they can make a Chevy volt with a 40 mile battery range, and a focus electric with a 100mile battery range, both cars are about the same weight and size; but yet no one can build a car with an 100 miles EV range, WITH a gasoline backup. Now that would be a real hybrid!!

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