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AUG 30

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"I quite welcome this activity of EPA (I believe that Canadian’s gove..."

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EPA's New Fuel Economy Labels Open For Public Comment


The US Environmental Protection Agency has released its new vehicle fuel economy labels which are proposed to replace the current vehicle labels starting with the 2012 model year. The new labels provide consumers with additional information and a comparative ranking for new cars, with a comparison bar (not unlike what is now provided on appliances like refrigerators and clothes dryers) showing where the particular vehicle falls along the where can i buy levitra line from best to worst in fuel efficiency, greenhouse gasses, and other pollutants. Two alternative forms of labels (plus a third option which is not proposed for use at this time) are now open for public comment.

The new labels will help provide more useful comparison information for the increasing variety of vehicle options that are available. In addition to labels for gas and diesel vehicles, there will also now be labels for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, compressed natural gas vehicles, and flexible fuel vehicles. This will allow more direct comparisons between different vehicles with different kinds of fuels.

The proposed labels will still show the MPG, but will also include a fuel consumption value (which, instead of miles per gallon, is a better measure telling how many gallons of fuel per 100 miles are needed). Putting the extra information on cialis online shop uk the label is look here canadian pharmacy levitra generic simple, and makes comparison of viagra offical site efficiency that much easier. But the familiar MPG number will still be there, too.

Information about greenhouse gas emissions and other exhaust pollutants would also be listed on these labels. Upstream emissions, such as the emissions from a power plant generating electricity to recharge a vehicle, would not be listed on the label, although a website with more information about these impacts would be included on the label.

The dual fuel label (for vehicles able to run on either gasoline or E85 ethanol) distills everything to a single number, rather than presenting alternatives for each fuel. Because a gallon of E85 ethanol has less energy than a gallon of gasoline, the miles per gallon number will be different.

But overall, we like the follow link viagra profesional trend towards including more information on the labels. The new labels should address the gap in the current labels for dealing with 'advanced technology vehicles' and should help consumers evaluate the differences and the options that are now available.

EPA Press Release

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Good, but..
written by Joe, August 30, 2010
I like the idea of a means to analyze a vehicle's efficiency as compared to the other models in it's class, however I have a hard time seeing how the fuel cost can be an accurately measured. They would have to set a fuel price for a given year/s models and make annual adjustments for the variations in fuel costs. In the end you'd get an idea of the indian cialis canada cost, but wouldn't really have an accurate picture as gas prices fluxuate throughout the year.
No F?
written by Dave, August 30, 2010
What is this business about not giving an F to the worst offenders? Your car gets 9 miles to generic levitra effective the gallon? Yeah, I'd call that a Fail. Everyone should go comment and good choice soft viagra tablets demand that the EPA stop following the trend of babying everyone and give Fails where they are due.
The price correction.
written by Jay Banks, August 31, 2010
I quite welcome this activity of EPA (I believe that Canadian’s government will follow it soon…). It can really helps to customers for better orientation with “advanced technology vehicles”. Above all this labelling can make easier to choose a vehicle that suits to our pocket… Well, I doubt if the price will stay the same on the label for whole year…

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