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AUG 26

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Small Diesel Pickup Truck from India Coming to US


American automakers, as well as foreign manufacturers selling in the US have a few full-size pickup trucks with diesel engines, but for years a small pickup with a diesel engine has not been available. That is set to change as Indian car maker Mahindra & Majindra has received EPA approval to sell its small pickups in the US.

The company is producing small pickups with a 2.2 liter common-rail turbo diesel engine that has 140 horsepower and the best place viagra online switzerland gets up to 30 miles per gallon. Mahindra trucks have features including 6-speed automatic transmission, electronic stability control, traction control, active rollover mitigation, and 4 wheel ABS brakes. Although these are small pickups, the company claims a cargo capacity of 2,765 pounds (1,254 kilograms), which is cheapest cialis from india greater than the cargo capacity of many other full-size pickups. The company has a two-door model, which has a 7.5 foot (2.29 meter) long cargo bed, as well as a four-door version of getting cialis from canada the pickup.

The price for the pickup is set to start around $22,000. The company expects to begin selling its trucks in the US by the end of the year, and plans to follow that with a diesel SUV in 2011 and a hybrid SUV in 2013.


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What the?
written by Keith, August 27, 2010
Since when is it important news that a very ordinary diesel truck from a third world country is worthy eco news?

The vehicle is only a standard diesel. There is nothing special about it at all. These things pollute our air with poisonous nano-particles, get ordinary fuel economy, run on fossil fuel and are noisy. They should be kept out of cities.

We should be prohibiting these things from being imported into the USA rather than clapping.
Just an advert for a car company - not eco!
written by Washington Irving, August 27, 2010
Why is this piece of PR being paraded as an article of relevance to Eco minded readers?

Does this site receive funding for including these sorts of adverts!

Very bad form!
Get Your Head Out of the City
written by Terry, August 27, 2010
Guess what, not everyone lives in a city! Some of viagra woman us live on viagra no doctor canada farms and have to USE trucks, not just parade around in them as a status symbol. For us, this looks like a good alternative. As for ecologically "Friendly," my next door neighbor (who lives 3/4 mile away) makes his own bio diesel from discarded oil from an onion ring factory. So while you city geeks are sipping your lattes and preaching like Al Gore what everyone else should do, many of us ARE living more ecologically friendly. TW
written by Jarko, August 27, 2010
Hope they don't spontaneously catch fire, like those Tata Nanos.....
OK jokes aside, the benefits of diesel are debatable, although Biodiesel makes it a little better. But running 100% bio has been shown to cause serious long term problems (as documented on the ordering viagra overnight delivery web by biodiesel fanatics who thought they were doing everything right).

But the real question is...would YOU really buy one of these? Unproven, and probably just squeaks by US safety and pollution regulations. And it's not even that cheap.
written by Doc Rings, August 28, 2010
Choice is tramadol over the counter in canada always a good thing, and as long as it meets EPA standards for emissions, then it is legal.

If you'd like more stringent diesel standards, then get involved politically.

About 50% to 70% of Europeans drive a fuel-efficient diesel (varies by country). Diesel is $1.50/gal cheaper in Europe, due to only for you cialis brand lower taxes on diesel to encourage buying fuel-efficient models.

Software Developer
written by mojo, August 29, 2010
The only reason it is not cheap is because of American Capitalism. You could take 16,000 american dollars to India and by their SUV. And spend about 2,500 to ship it back to the states. Saving you nearly 10,000.

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