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AUG 25

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"It won't happen here. Like so many of the little European cars which n..."

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Peugeot Introduces World's First Diesel Hybrid

Green car enthusiasts rejoice!  At last a car has been unveiled that marries the fuel efficiency of a diesel and cialis and women the lower emissions of a hybrid.  As we predicted, Peugeot has beat other automakers to the punch and has introduced the canadian meds cialis world's first production diesel-hybrid vehicle.

The Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 is outfitted with a 163bhp 2.0-liter turbo diesel unit that powers the front wheels and an electric motor powered by NiMH batteries that drives the rear axle with a total system output of cialis buy overnight 200 horsepower.  As is standard with hybrids and EVs, the car also features regenerative braking.

The car achieves impressive fuel efficiency with a rating of 61.9 MPG.  Performance-wise, the car has a max speed of 130 mph and can hit 62 mph in 8.8 seconds.

The car can be driven in front-drive only, rear-drive only or all-wheel drive modes and the car also offers four different operating modes:  Auto mode, where the change between diesel engine and electric motor is handled by the car's electronics, ZEV mode, where the car uses the electric motor only for a maximum of 2.8 miles, 4WD mode has both power trains operating together, and Sport mode puts power ahead of efficiency.

The 3008 Hybrid4 should hit car lots in Europe early next year.

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written by Ezra, August 25, 2010
I so want one. If only Peugeots were still sold in the US.
written by Mike Jones, August 25, 2010
Can you plug it in? Then we can say "at last".
written by Doc Rings, August 25, 2010
...and this took this long because of why? This was a no-brainer 5 years ago. With diesel fuel available at almost every Wal-Mart gas stations all over America, this is levitra on sale a win-win for the buy levitra now consumer.
written by P1r, August 26, 2010
Peugeot allow 30 % biodiesel mix today, which is more than most other car makers. Let's hope they enable this one to run on 100 % biodiesel as well.
How does it meet emissions requirements?
written by Mike, September 01, 2010
They must be using urea injection to keep the NOx down. Those who use mechanical particulate filters must regenerate by burning off the particulates to make ash. Biodiesel does not work well for that application and will kill the engine in a short time. And I do not mean, make it stop running. You'd be buying a new engine.
Finally the French are building a decent vehicle
written by Rudolph, September 01, 2010
With the Germans taking over Bugatti it's nice to see that the French can finally gain some dignity in building a car within their country.

As far as plugging in goes, that's not the canada cialis no prescription absolute solution as batteries have to get much better to make them feasible and liquid fuels will continue to dominate as all of our existing infrastructure is based upon it (pipelines, tanker trucks etc).

When matters of levitra canada generic emissions emerge, that's not an issue anymore with common rail technology that makes diesel burn cleaner and no longer have that "industrial truck" sound. Diesel has more caloric energy in it per unit than does gasoline, which is why you can go farther on diesel than on gasoline. All of these are reasons why Europe (being much of a leaner, older & smarter society) adopted diesel over gasoline many years ago.

The lower emissions are not the result of urea injection as the car doesn't have a urea holding tank, its due to a more complete use of the diesel fuel and a more complete burn in proportion to the assistance of the electric propulsion.

BTW, I'm American and proud of it, but Europe just does things so much better and with modesty along the way.
written by Jay Conner, September 01, 2010
It won't happen here. Like so many of the little European cars which never make it to the US.

My first diesel was a Peugeot 504 back in '74. I've driven diesels ever since, but Peugeot is not about to re-enter the American market.

The American car market is insane, always has been, always will be. Look at the ads. Look at what you see on the highway.

There is not even a niche market for a sensible, rational car, and the government would not allow it anyway, it has to be big and heavy to cash on delivery tramadol meet the crash tests, and it has to go veeery fast to be allowed on the freeways.

I just came back from a trip to San Diego, and somewhere around Anaheim a big van pulled up behind me and click here viagra 100mg blinked his lights to get me to move aside. At the time, I was doing 83 in a 70 mph zone. So was everybody else, and it would be political suicide to suggest lowering the wow it's great buy cialis online cheap speed limit or even enforcing it.

THere is only one acceptable American car, and it is buy cialis online canada called the Death Wish.

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