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JUL 08

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"For only $9K you can't really complain. This looks a nifty little car!..."

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F1 Engineer Designs Tiny 74-MPG City Car

A new ultra-compact city car designed by Formula One engineer Gordon Murray is smaller than a Smart car, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in efficiency, averaging 74 MPG.

The T.25 is a well-designed vehicle.  The 4-feet-wide by eight-feet-long car features a customizable interior that can be configured in six ways to seat up to two passengers in the rear or be used as storage space.  The car has a turning radius of canadian pharmacies viagra only six feet, making it highly maneuverable and it takes from it's F1 roots by featuring a central driving position and central instrumentation and controls.

But of course, it's no race car.  The T.25 has a max speed of 80 mph and, unlike expensive F1 supercars, the price tag is only $9,000.

Murray has also created an all-electric counterpart called the T.27 with a range of 80-100 miles and price tag of about $18,000.

via CNN
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6 meters
written by kurdt, July 08, 2010
Turning radius is 6m (about 20ft)
It's about time! Where do womans viagra I sign up?
written by Fred, July 08, 2010
If it's as reliable as I expect Mr. Murray would insist on, (and if it includes air conditioning) I'll be first in line when they go on viagra online cheap sale in America.
Big difference
written by Anonymous, July 08, 2010
The turning radius is 6 meters, not 6 feet.
Get these things out of the "design" world, and into consumers hands!
written by smooter, July 09, 2010
Seriously, why, if we are all so concerned about the natural alternative for cialis environment, are there not car lots with thousands of these things available to buy? It may be different in other countries, but here in the US, you have to jump through hoops to tramadol 10mg find a smart/efficient car like this!

I drive over a 100 miles a day (total) to work and back and I can say, without a doubt, I would a) deem $9,000 a very fair price for a safe and efficient vehicle, and b) dearly love to get 74 mpg!

I could care less what folks think/say about me and what I drive. Every gallon of 100 tramadol gas/pound of carbon I don't pump into the buy tramadol without prescription environment is a few more breaths of fresh air my grandchildren/etc. get to breath!

It is time we realized we do have options, demand them get off the drawing board, and more importantly, realize that we do have a responsibility to preserve this planet so that those that come after us deal with the absolute minimum impact of what we have done! Whether "global warming" is real or not is irrelevant! If we don't have to pump it into the air, we darn well shouldn't be doing it!

just my 2c!

written by Garrett, July 09, 2010
I know I might get some flack for this, but what is the safety vs. economy ratio? With so many large vehicles on the road do you want to compromise a few MPG for reduced safety? At what point do MPG's eclipse safety rating, 10, 20, 30? Gotta be alive to drive...

Although, being a Detroiter... Lets get'em built in the motorcity!
Very neat
written by Reenie, July 09, 2010
Love that we're seeing more affordable electric vehicles. The article's date, 8/7/10 .... when was the article really written?
written by Dutch, July 09, 2010
8/7/10 would be how the rest of the world represents July 8th. :-)
written by Piers Headley, July 10, 2010
It's about time that safety in vehicles is looked at differently. One way to do this would be if insurance costs reflected the damage a car is capable of causing as reflected in it's mass and cheap cialis without rx speed. A sliding scale would be appropriate, starting with bicycles at one end (minimal damage potential, zero insurance)to Hummers(a menace).That way people would be forced to buy 20mg levitra online reflect on their effect on others and by the by the enviroment.
written by Doc Rings, July 10, 2010
Neat! Love the configurable interior for when it it used for more than a one person commuter car.

I'd snap one up in a minute for $9k!

I had money deposited on a SMART, but got my money back when it only got 40MPG... wasn't worth the $15K for that mileage figure (to make the difference of a switch of cars from what I drive now).
Like the sliding scale
written by CNCMike, July 11, 2010
Another incentive to get people into smaller cars if not electric cars would be to install scales next to the gas pumps. The heavier the vehicle the higher the gas tax (which is really a road use tax)since they cause more damage to ther roads.
Good value!
written by Supercar Club, July 12, 2010
For only $9K you can't really complain. This looks a nifty little car! I like the look of the electric version too! smilies/smiley.gif

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