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MAY 28

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"Wow!! What a nice electric car! This car is looking very gorgeous. Who..."

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Nissan LEAF Is Sold Out for 2010

Great news for Nissan and cialis online purchase generic the electric car:  the company has received 19,000 preorders for the LEAF all-electric vehicle, making it sold out for this year.  The demand has exceeded expectations and the company may have to temporarily stop taking reservations.

Preorders for the LEAF began in April in the U.S. and Japan with the car not arriving at dealerships until the end of the year.  Nissan hopes to sell 500,000 EVs starting in 2013.

This enthusiastic response to the LEAF bodes well for other all-electrics that will make their debut within the only for you cialis tablets for sale next couple of years, though it's not clear whether this signals a good market for the Chevy Volt when it comes out later this year.

From this ecogeek's perspective, the LEAF has a winning combination of factors that will make it successful.  People are ready for an all-electric that meets their needs (it has a 100-mile range and can go up to 90 mph), is not super tiny (it's no smart car) and they can afford (it's about $25,000 after the federal tax credit and some states are taking even more off the top).

Because in a lot of ways this is the first truly consumer-ready EV, Nissan may get a lot of glory, but the company will also bear a lot of weight on their shoulders as a broader array of buy now online viagra drivers get into EVs and go through the growing pains of this technology and the growing infrastructure to support it.  Here's hoping there's more glory than pain.

via NY Times

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Why is increasing electricity demand a good thing?, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Scott, May 30, 2010
40% of the power generated for Portland, Oregon comes from clean hydroelectric dams, so not every place is buy cialis online uk totally coal driven. My Leaf will be black and will be the only car I commute with, which represents 90% of my driving. This car makes perfect sense. Thank you, Nissan. FINALLY! Goodbye, filthy oil!
written by Aaron, May 30, 2010
I agree with sue in the respect that all an EV in the united states will do at the try it canada pharmacy moment is switch which source you are emitting your carbon from. However, it is a step in the right direction. It is also worth noting that EVs are actually creating consumer demand, which is good news because the success of the leaf will essentially dictate whether other motor vehicle companies go into the EV market in the future.

If however your electricity provider happens to be a renewable energy source, and you plan to replace your existing vehicle with an EV, then this is an excellent way to significantly reduce your carbon emissions.

Also, this isn't a logical arguement in favour of it, but I think it looks pretty awesome smilies/grin.gif
A giant leap in the right direction!
written by Ken Snyder, May 30, 2010
The internal combustion engine (ICE) is at most 30% efficient, 40% for diesels, but that's only when it runs flat out near redline. In typical driving conditions, they are actually about 17% efficient. Fossil fuel power plants are 35-50% efficient, depending on the type. With electric motors are around 90% efficient, this means that the Leaf uses 1/2 to 1/3 of the oil that a Prius does. The Leaf is about the same size and weight as a Prius. If you're turning in an SUV, the savings are even greater! If 70% of the people bought electric cars, we could eliminate our need to cialis sales online import foreign oil.

Buying an electric car helps end the war on terror. Whether or not you think we're fighting for oil (which we would no longer need), part of the $700 billion we spend annually on foreign oil goes to people funding the terrorists. We keep that money here, they don't get funded. That money then stays in our economy too! That's like getting a stimulus package every year.

The Leaf also has a much simpler drive train. This leads to much lower maintenance costs and online cheap levitra greater reliability.

It is also much easier to clean up the emissions from 10's of thousands of power plants than 100's of millions of vehicles. The sooner we transition to all electric vehicles the sooner we clean up the environment.

If you want to end the war, clean up the environment and give a boost to the economy, buy a Leaf!
@Aaron, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Danny A, May 30, 2010
Change is scary, my friends, but the future is now. Soon you will hear: "My daddy use to generic viagra from canada drive a car that needed gas. Wow, that's so gay."
Myths busted.
written by Nick, May 31, 2010
You guys have covered many of tramadol overnight with mastercard them here. smilies/wink.gif

Nine More Myths About Electric Cars:

4. You'll need to build a lot more power plants. Busted: Actually there's enough off-peak electricity in the U.S. to power 79% of U.S. driving demand. As more EVs are deployed, it's important to ensure that the smart-charging (time-based charging management) and vehicle-to-grid connectivity progresses as well. A connected network of millions of micro-energy storage devices (which is what EVs will become) provides significant opportunities to improve the stability and performance of electric grids and better balance peak demand.
I have my order
written by Steve A., June 01, 2010
I'm excited that I got my order confirmation last week, as they'll be contacting me by June 30th to schedule an electrician to wire up my garage for the LEAF. I'll be charging at work (which has a 10kw rooftop PV array) during the day, and I'll be adding a 3 KW array at home. Considering Seattle City Light's fuel mix is take viagra 88% hydro, even if I used 100% utility electricity, it's a big win for emissions reduction.
written by byron, June 02, 2010
This car is beautiful.
written by Grant, June 02, 2010
"What this means is that in the US, EVs will substantively contribute to CO2 emissions instead of reducing them since power for these vehicles will usually come from coal fired power stations."

You can't drive 2 cars at once, so driving an electric car instead of a gas-powered car will definitely reduce emissions, even if the electricity comes from 100% coal. Yes, I did the math and it's true. However, the idea is to move electricity generation away from coal and towards more cleaner sources over time. Unlike gasoline, there are many sources of electricity (solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, tidal, nuclear, etc.).

Also, as others have mentioned, electricity is produced domestically while most oil is imported. That's also good for the economy/jobs and national security.
These Cars are a Great Concept
written by Mike, June 03, 2010
This is really a positive bit of news not only for Nissan but for the future of electric cars. Maybe this time around there will be sincere efforts on the part of the auto makers to we recommend viagra discussionsdiscount priced viagra properly promote the cheapest prices on levitra electric car concept, and on the part of the American consumer to take it seriously as well.
The worst part
written by TJ, June 03, 2010
Is that the Japs have taken the lead on this too. The Volt will need to come in at the 30k mark to be competitive.
Regarding increased power production...
written by Zach, June 03, 2010
As mentioned above, a future of mass EVs can very well lead to a revolution of the grid: millions of batteries than can "sell" energy during peak hours and mail order for viagra tablets purchase it overnight (when energy is mostly wasted as it is now).
written by Dave, June 04, 2010
I wish it had more range.
battery moon
written by mee, June 04, 2010
Ignoring the extremely NOT environmentally friendly nature of the batteries?

mini turbine on the Leaf
written by Gary Huff, June 23, 2010
Can a mini wind turbine be attached to the roof of a Leaf that will generate enough power so the Leaf is constantly charged. Perhaps a bike rake could be used as the base of a stationary mini turbine.
EVs - v - True Oil Emissions
written by Erik, July 14, 2010
It seems incommprehensible to me that whilst a vast majority of puplic commenting on EVs never fail to point out that production of electricity from coal fired powerstations cause pollution, yet at the same time they completely fail to notice that production of gasoline causes massive amounts of pollution at various stages of recommended site levitra non prescription production starting from:

1. exploration,
2. drilling,
3. transport,
4. storage,
5. refining,
6. transport to levitra pfizer online retail outlets, and
7. even going to get your car filled with gas causes pollution.
8. Gulf of Mexico, Oil tankers, other spills and accidents.

All of the above easily add up to way more than any pollution caused by electricity production to charge your EV.

So if we are comparing tailpipe emissions then EVs are 0 versus whatever toxic fumes come out of fossil fuel vehicles.

If on the other hand you want to compare total emission of energy production then you need to add the total pollution caused by oil production to the tailpipe emissions and you will find that EVs again win hands down without a contest.
written by toyota used cars, February 23, 2011
Buying a hybrid car is like making a compromise to helping the world. It's a joyful experience that makes you feel great and it gives you pride in knowing that you are now part of those who don't just go around burning gas like it will last forever.
This is my Dream Car!
written by Natalie, March 14, 2011
I'm not the hatchback type, but this's sooo cool and girly. I adore it!
Great looking car
written by Drömstugan, March 27, 2011
Hey Megan,

This car looks good. I can understand that people want to buy it. If this model comes to Sweden I would certainly be interested in buying one.

Kristian Segerberg
somewhat attractive
written by Right Hand Drive, May 12, 2011
"Somewhat attractive"....not going to gas station makes this car very very attractive!!!! Except those bug-eyed lights in the front. I want one now.... and if they keep it around 20 K price tag, I am getting one! This car will make Volt very hard sell!
nice looking car
written by used cars in kerala, July 06, 2011
it look s cool, india's fuel prices going up day by day, this car will make up well once if launched in india
dream car..
written by Signs Dublin, July 14, 2011
Wow...That's a pretty car! I like it so much..How I wish I can afford to buy one.. smilies/wink.gif
written by David Wister, August 13, 2012
Wow!! What a nice electric car! This car is looking very gorgeous. Whoops If I have a car same it i would be very happy. I am very excited to get this car. Thanks for your excellent post.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gif

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