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MAY 03

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"Here's where I think personal transportation should eventually go. Thi..."

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Germany Wants 1 Million Electric Vehicles by 2020


While Volkswagen hasn't been a name we've discussed much when talking about electric vehicles, the company today unveiled its Golf Blue-e-motion concept vehicle in conjunction with an announcement from the German government focusing on electric vehicles.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has launched a "national platform for electric mobility" that plans to have one million electric vehicles on the road in Germany by 2020. With several domestic manufacturers all working in this direction, such a goal does not seem too far fetched. BMW, Mercedes and Audi have all been moving forward with their own electric vehicle plans.

The electric Golf should have a range of 150km (about 90 miles). It is expected to tramadol online cod shipping be to market as a production vehicle in 2013. Volkswagen also has forthcoming hybrid versions of its Jetta and Passat, as well as a hybrid version of the Golf which will be launched in the same timeframe.

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written by Lillian, May 06, 2010
The article doesn't mention anything about rechargeable batteries, so I assume that this car uses non-rechargeable ones. This is an incredible waste of resources and money.

How many batteries are needed to replenish this car's battery pack? I am guessing hundreds. Even if you buy your batteries in bulk it is selling propecia online still not going to be very economical because you will need to replace them every 150kms.

Even the range is suspect, because I think that 150kms would be the upper limit for optimal conditions (flat road or downhill, moderate temperatures, and minimum load in the car itself.

This is a great news
written by Sweetness Organic, May 06, 2010
I will love to drive one this days
The real "electric" car concept
written by mkass, May 06, 2010
Here's where I think personal transportation should eventually go. Think of all the work you can get done on the road, the cell phone calls you could make (while actually holding your phone) the emails you could send, if you didn't actually have to drive.

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