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APR 16

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"The big problem in fact with chrysler is that chrysler have very very ..."

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NASA and Chrysler Team Up to 'Share Knowledge,' Send an Electric Car to the Moon?

A vague, but potentially exciting announcement from Chrysler this week says that the automaker and indian levitra NASA are pairing up to "share knowledge" and resources on only best offers buy canadian viagra online advanced technologies.

The topics that this new alliance will discuss and investigate include materials engineering, robotics, radar, battery systems and other energy storage mediums.  Chrysler has obviously gained a very valuable resource for creating cutting edge (most likely electric) cars, but what's in this partnership for NASA?

The car company says that they have a history working with NASA in their space program, specifically, building rockets and boosters for some of the manned Mercury and Apollo missions in 1961 and 1968.  Could Chrysler be offering the tramadol next day same type of help again?

So while the press release is vague with its mentions of "synergies and shared interest," the possible outcomes of this partnership could be exciting.  But let's face it -- we're ecogeeks.  Any discussion of robots, electric cars and space exploration has us giggling with anticipation.

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Chrysler is cutting edge?
written by Mike, April 17, 2010
I think Chrysler is more adept at cutting corners and levitra in canada costs than anything else. Perhaps NASA want to outsource space toilets to another organization.
written by Mike, April 17, 2010
1. NASA already put an electric car on the moon.

2. Space travel is not even remotely eco-friendly. Why would this excite our eco-sensibilities?
written by Peter Johnson, May 13, 2010
The big problem in fact with chrysler is that chrysler have very very very great design but also very very VERY bad quality. If CHRYSLER can build better cars with japaneese "TOYOTA" reliability, Swedish "VOLVO" durability (last 5 times longer)and German "AUDI" perfektionism maybe chrysler can be a great winner. Chrysler design are great but sadly not the rest, the consumer expect more durability!!!!

roadholding, hi heloo?? anticorrosion?? durability?? weak brakes helooo..?? electronic problem...hmmm..??

In europe and asia they think chrysler is a good looking cars by they sadly laughs.. at the bad quality...

Specialy German BMW M5 owners laughs loud about DODGE charger/challenger because the great looking but bad quality smilies/grin.gif so please fix the quality we now living at year 2010!!!

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