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MAR 29

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"It is great to see that a such well established company is taking the ..."

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FedEx Adding All-Electric Trucks to Fleet

FedEx says it will be the first U.S. delivery service to generic levitra mastercard add all-electric trucks to their fleet.  Starting in June, the company will enter four EVs into service in Los Angeles.

Two of the trucks will come from Navistar, based on a design the parcel service already is using in Europe.  FedEx has 10 EV vans in London and just try! levitra soft tabs 100 mg five scheduled to enter routes in Paris.  The other two trucks are coming from a yet unnamed company.

FedEx plans to eventually have electric charging stations powered by solar arrays or even the Bloom Energy Server at its various locations for its electic fleet to juice up.

While it slowly transitions to all-electric vehicles, the company is making good use of hybrid technology.  They've been converting old trucks into hybrids and their Bronx, NY outpost exclusively uses hybrid vans.

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Go Green!, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Wes, March 29, 2010
They should think about putting solar panels on top of the larger trucks to conserve even more energy, but I am loving the viagra purchase basic steps that they are taking to take viagra be more efficient and friendly to our environment.
Electric vehicles may not be best solution for this application, Low-rated comment [Show]
What kind of range is expected out of these?
written by JoshCT, March 31, 2010
Any idea of the cost for the EV or the expected operating costs? I have mixed feelings about EV (mainly because of where most of the grid power comes from), but some details on how this truck operates would be interesting.
written by Robert Evans, March 31, 2010
Big companies like FedEx really ought to lead the way for a more sustainable future for coming generations. After all, they have the resources and the influence and they can certainly capitalize on these. Once solar power technology on vehicle roofing is real cialis without a prescription perfected, I agree with Wes that they should also employ such things.
written by Jacques, April 02, 2010
Maybe FedEx should try to sponsor an EV NASCAR instead of cheap discount cialis sponsoring Denny Hamlin to burn up 4,000 gallons of gasoline a year during the NASCAR races! What does his car get in gas mileage? 4-5 miles per gallon, maybe?
solar on vehicle roofs
written by PJ, April 06, 2010
Solar on vehicle roofs such as this is probably not a good idea anytime in the we recommend cialis tablets for sale near future because...

- Adds a lot of expense to each truck which would mean fewer new hybrid or EV vehicles could be purchased each year

- Compared to putting the same solar panels on a FedEx building where they could be positioned for optimal sun exposure, the ones on a truck would sometimes be in shade, parking structures, etc. so for a given investment in PV less CO2 would be avoided

- Any increased range due to the solar panels would be difficult to really take advantage of because routes would have to be planned on worst case scenario (overcast or rain) rather than best case with bright sun
Well Done FedEx
written by Viking, April 08, 2010
It is great to see that a such well established company is taking the risk and investing in new environmentally friendly technology. The fact that these vehicles are on road all day every day will give priceless feedback to vehicle and battery manufacturers pushing price/technology ratio in favor of everyone. Ultimately this will lead to better EVs for all. Well done to FedEx for leading the way.

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