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Transonic Combustion Improves Gas Engine Efficiency Over 50%


Conventional gasoline engines are terribly inefficient things. Only 13% of the energy of the fuel actually moves the car. 62% is lost in the engine as waste heat, and driveline losses, accessories, and idling also reduce the efficiency.

Transonic Combustion is planning to build automobile engines with improved efficiency obtained through heating and viagra side effects pressurizing gasoline before injecting it into the combustion chamber. "This puts it into a supercritical state that allows for very fast and clean combustion, which in turn decreases the cialis china amount of ordering real viagra from canada fuel needed to propel a vehicle," according to MIT Technology Review. A transonic test vehicle achieved 64 MPG in highway driving, compared to a 48 MPG hybrid Prius, and running at a steady cruising speed of 50 mph, the test vehicle achieved 98 MPG.

Like diesel and HCCI, the Transonic Combustion technology operates without needing a spark plug. Timing software also further enhances the operating efficiency of the system. Transonic injection is being developed for use with gasoline engines at present, but will also be compatible with advanced low carbon footprint bio-fuels in the future. Transonic expects its system will be comparable in cost to other current high-end fuel injection systems.

Because of the higher operating pressure, the longevity and durability of the engine will be important considerations the company will need to address. The company plans to build its production facility in 2013 and expects to levitra sample be building engines for production vehicles in 2014.

via: Inhabitat

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Hybrids are most efficient at low or varying speeds
written by camarco, March 11, 2010
You might have to keep that in mind when comparing. Thats where hybrids save gas. Hybrids will often loose when compared to an efficient combustion engine runing only at is's optimal speed.
written by Brian Green, March 12, 2010
I wonder if this technology can be ported to aircraft, trains, and ships? The reason I ask is that we are almost always concerned about our vehicles, but we need to think about the whole transportation system. Trains, Planes, Boats, and Vehicles. I hope the other areas are being considered as well.
2014 ?
written by hyperspaced, March 12, 2010
Yeah, that's kinda late... I hope I'll be driving my hydrogen/battery hybrid 'Prius' by then...
Yet another startup looking for VC funds
written by Joe, March 12, 2010
This is vaporware (literally). Check out their website there is nothing real there. They must be getting low on funding and need to find more VC. Next...
written by Doc Rings, March 15, 2010
@Joe: I'd be careful calling it "vaporware (literally)", since their website shows actual mounted injectors, and a test mule vehicle, with results.

Now you may doubt the veracity of their patented technology, but be careful with the words you choose to malign a company. But, you may be correct in that they may need more capital... what new start-up company doesn't need a darling investor?

old tech
written by wtf, March 15, 2010
This is old tech. It is just modified vapor carbs.Plus VW has been working on spark less gas engines since the cheapest generic cialis canadian pharmacy 1980's . The engine will always require a heavy metal build like diesels because of the fuel detonation. The geometry of buy fast propecia the piston does some but not enough.The tech that I am waiting to see is sonic fuel fracturing.High frequency sound breaks fuels molecules. That would be neat.
Seems Like a Good Transition
written by Anna, March 17, 2010
Transonic combustion seems to be more of a transition technology between the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) and zero carbon emission technology.

I'm a student working on building an EcoCAR. Our car is a Plug-In Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric, it runs on hydrogen and battery power and uses 80% of the energy produced (5X more efficient than ICEs). There is zero carbon emission! Our vehicle industry needs to good choice women cialis be vigorously pursuing such clean technologies to truly make a difference.

More can be found about our car and generic propecia canada our EcoCAR Challenge at and the team website
Not Vaporware
written by jm, March 18, 2010
Look at their board. Vinod Khosla isn't short of money you twit.

Plenty of heavy hitters and real tech. This is the real thing. Although I'll admit a lot of the stuff on this site is garbage.
Steam is the answer not electricity or gasoline
written by The Mastermind, March 18, 2010
Power your car with a steam engine seawater heated by highly magnified solar power is the way forward. Cheap safe Just try to heat gasoline and you could be arrested for making a !@#B! You could also blow yourself up great for trains plane and automobiles and wars. NO safe power and plenty of it is the only true answer.
written by Phil Bangs, March 19, 2010
What all these attempts at improving internal combustion fail to take into account is that we are RUNNING OUT OF OIL. Peak oil is not a theory. Just as catastrophic climate disruption is not a theory. Burning oil for fuel is like burning Picasso's for heat. Maybe in the future we can synthesize methanol, but then it will be run through fuel cells, not burned like cord wood.
written by Bill S., March 19, 2010
Cool!! Smokey Yunick (Greatest auto mechanic ever) developed what he called his "hot air engine" sometime in the '70's or 80's. It heated the fuel, and maybe the air also.It actually worked great. My memory isn't perfect, but I do remember the Big Three didn't go for it. Imagine that!!
Billy Bob
in France a Cleantech event Micro Algae - Biofuel
written by cleantuesday, March 29, 2010
Pour la premiere fois en France un evenement Cleantech Micro Algues - Biofuel

Avec les start ups americaines Planktonix et Algaesystems, la start up francaise BBTEK et plusieurs autres start ups et grands groupes

Mardi 6 avril - 18H30 - 22H

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For the first time in France a Cleantech event Micro Algae - Biofuel With several French and American start ups and click here no prescription a world leader
Obama's Socialist Seed
written by Uncle B, April 10, 2010
Obama has already seeded the nuclear electricity powered electric bullet train network in Florida. America will need only short haul battery vehicles once this is established. Oil will be reserved for Defense purposes, and OPEC and the Saudis will sell oil for Yuan in the near future - outbidding the American sawbuck as it falls through the gates of Hell on only here ordering levitra online its way down! As burgeoning Asian growth demands a larger share of the worlds finite reaources, Americans will suffer and give up part of their share to stronger Asian demands and higher prices. America will reataliate by developing domestic based energy and foresaking their foreign liquid energy based economy for a domestic based one - Solar Wind Wave Hydro Tidal biogas/fuel cell, Geothermal, Nuclear produced Electricity will flow through a new Socialist/Obama style Manhattan Project sized super-grid, much to the chagrin of the corrupt corporatists, Capitalists and their strangle hold on America, and this cancer shall die, and democracy will rule the new day! This little corporatist venture - a gasoline burning diesel is part of the corrupt network of right wingers that ruined the country - VW has damned good diesels, Blu-tech Diesels from Mercedes and various Asian diesels already fill the gap this anachronism purports to address! Remember the Piss -Poor American engineered Diesels from GM in the 70's? Laughing-stock to buy fioricet the automotive world! This injection system falls into the same category! - Get with it folks! we are going Battery-electric and electric bullet trains - no turning back! All else is good money after bad, money spent chasing the illusive gasoline wealth of the past in America, gone forever!
star trek 4 real
written by Davey, June 07, 2010
I don't know why y'all are wasting your time with 50% increased efficiency when 100% energy conversion is right under our noses. Two words: antimatter annihilation. All of our focus needs to be on harnessing the power of anti matter. After all, isn't matter what got us into this energy mess in the first place? Let's just get rid of it and cialis overnight take the energy and run.
written by Tom G, June 16, 2013
Lets take a short cut and cut the BS. Eco Nuts caused this problem. They attack every thing man does. You can not kick a can down the street with out some Eco Nut stepping out of a doorway with a shot gun to take you down and any thing man creates to improve mans life will also be a target for these Creeps of the future. The wonder of it all is now run by all Goverments ...Just thing of the money they will lose if they can not collect taxes on fuel and the game players big oil. So no matter what is brought to the table will be doomed as they have all ways done this to keep you in you place, anyone out of place will fall to there tactics. They will stop anyone to protect there agenda... good luck
You all have been hung out dry by big oil and goverment greed tax
written by Tom G, June 16, 2013
Now for the rest of the story! In 1936, according to widespread news accounts, Charles Pogue equipped a Ford V8 coupe that reportedly got over 200 MPG. In the summer of 1935 he drove the we choice buying cialis online canada V8 Ford from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada to order cheap cialis Vancouver B.C. Canada. He got 1879.5 miles on 14.5 gallons of gasoline. A standard carburetor used 106.5 gallons on the same trip. Did these tests actually take place?.. Did Charles N. Pogue sell-out? Ray Covey, who contacted the Pogue family, said that John Pogue, Charles's cousin, stated in a recent taped interview, that "Pogue Carbs were installed in some U.S. tanks and Jeeps in North Africa, during WWII."

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