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JAN 13

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"I know some of look here levitra 20 mg the people who helped design the old Ford batteries, an..."

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Ford Moves Battery Production to visit our site drug generic levitra Michigan

fordbatteryAt the Detroit Auto Show on Monday, Ford Chairman William Clay Ford announced that the company was going to be investing an additional $450 million in facilities for the production of batteries and on line pharmacy electric vehicles. Ford spoke of bringing battery technology back "in house," and returning research and production of battery systems as a "core competency" for Ford. This move will relocate production from Mexico back to Ford's home state of Michigan, a move which was welcomed by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, who shared the stage at the announcement.

Ford's announcement comes shortly on the heels of GM opening its own battery manufacturing facility in Brownstown Township, MI.

The two long time automotive rivals appear to be opening a new chapter in their competition, and are setting the stage for electric cars to be an increasing part of the vehicle mix.

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More Jobs?
written by bpg131313, January 13, 2010
Hopefully this move will create jobs in the US. The good news is that this is new tech and will be the next big thing for autos, so there is great opportunity at longevity.

I wish them well, especially if they're able to improve battery tech significantly.
This is very good news for Michigan
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, January 14, 2010
Ford at least for the time being seems to have an upper hand in the American car industry. Finally American car makers are making an effort on saving the planet.
written by Gary Bohannon, January 14, 2010
I believe the electric car is cheapest generic viagra the generic online viagra future and we need to have this new remarkable system in place. I have a way to improve the didtance an electric car can travel on one charge and wish Ford's battery mnufacturing will contact me for more details. Green is the future!
written by net97surferx, January 14, 2010
I wonder if this is similar to another news item I read which said, while the 'finished product' would be 'in house', all the bits and pieces are actually produced in Southeast Asia -- so not quite, 'made in America' -- but at least assembled here.

Suppose ANY jobs brought back in country is a plus in this current economic/job market.
written by Joe, January 26, 2010
I know some of the people who helped design the old Ford batteries, and they were Chinese students, and mainly using technology licensed from Toyota. Most of the researchers are foreign, but the technology is developed at Ford, not leased. Furthermore, Ford had seen this potential 10 years ago and retrofit their lines with efficiency savings, while GM and Chrysler did not.

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