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OCT 20

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"Hybrids are a bill of goods from the car manufacturers. Current Hybird..."

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Looking For A New Car? Why No Go Electric

Electric Car

If you are in the market for a new car and you are really looking for something to just go short distances, such as your everyday commute to your school or work.  Then maybe you should look into buying an electric vehicle.  Where would I get one, you might ask.

A company in Briarcliff Manor, New York called Electric Transportation Solutions (ETS) sells a wide selection of electric vehicles.  ETS products range from small electric bikes to online pharmacy cialis brand full size electric cars.  The company also sells electric conversion kits, so you can convert any vehicle into a fully functional electric car.  My favorite kit is their 1929 Mercedes Gazelle Electric Kit. 

ETS does not only sell electric vehicles they also offer consulting services on buy viagra overnight renewable power.  They can help assist you in setting up solar to vehicle, wind to vehicle, or vehicle to grid system in your home or business. 

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Save the Trees!
written by Robyn, October 25, 2006
Greetings! I’m a child of the woods {born & live in the state of GA.} and I’m sad that the forrest is being “chopped” away! The beautiful foilage is breaking out with dark circles and it makes me sad that the smog/pollution is damaging the it's great! canadian healthcare pharmacy trees this way! Sure! we all could live like the Amish, but then the greedy corporations wouldn’t make any money from our simple lifestyle!

Right now, I'm broke, but I was thinking about getting a Hybrid for my next car {if I came into some money}. What is the difference between a Hybrid and Electric Car? {send answer through e-mail}
hybrids and EV's
written by Stem, December 04, 2006
Hybrids are a bill of goods from the car manufacturers. Current Hybirds use very little electric power as they have no battery storage. Get a Honda if you want gas mileage, less expensive and gets better efficiency. EV's use battery power only and go 60 to 80 miles on a charge sometimes further and up to 70 miles per hour. There are several companies around the country that are selling EV's or kits for the conversions.

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