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DEC 02

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"volt is my middle name :) well, actually it's my surname. no, really...."

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Volt Launch Will Begin in California

Since last May, rumors have circulated that the Chevy Volt will start rolling out in California before other locations and where to get levitra that rumor was just made official at the LA Auto Show.  The Volt will become available to Californians late next year.

The launch project will act as a demonstration of market readiness for the Volt and other electric vehicles.  Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison and Sacramento Municipal Utility District are all partnering with Chevy on pill price levitra the cialis india pharmacy launch.  The auto company is supplying 100 Volts to the utility fleets to use for two years.  The cars will be equipped with OnStar technology that will collect performance information to be delivered to the DOE for analysis.

The project will also see the installation of 500 charging stations throughout the state in residential, business and public areas.

Other initial markets will be announced later, all of which will have regional utility partners.

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written by cleantuesday, December 02, 2009
On December 15, 2009, Cleantuesday celebrate the anniversary of his first event (December 16, 200smilies/cool.gif

An exceptional session including several start-ups and stars of the Cleantech stakeholders.


* Dominique Nora, editor in chief of buy xanax online the pages of the Nouvel Observateur and author of "Les pionniers de l'or vert" (Grasset) will talk about the California Cleantech

* Voltalis, French start-ups, 1 electric operator specializing in the purchase viagra online with paypal production and levitra sale the adjustment in real time

* Hekyom, French start-up, present a unique process technology with Thermal Acoustic

written by Richard, December 02, 2009
I've been seeing a lot of articles with Californa's efforts at being a green city. I hope the others take suit as well.
Electric Cars Have Take a While to Charge
written by GGTD, December 03, 2009
Do they have electric powered mopeds and motorcycles? Seems like that would be a more reasonable way to recharge than the hours it takes with a car until technology improves.
Green Cars
written by Austin, December 07, 2009
there will always be a problem with the new cars. It is that when when you charge them you don't know where that energy comes from. You have two possible places: it could come from the coal plantssmilies/sad.gif or it could come from the solar plants that take up 0.05% of the world. Therefore our problem about polluting atmosphere will not be solved until we stop using up the earths coal.

From Austin, Age 13
written by reet, December 08, 2009
volt is my middle name smilies/smiley.gif well, actually it's my surname. no, really.

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