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"I love the S, and I want one very much. I just hope that it looks lik..."

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Tesla to Base Other Cars on Model S

Tesla Motors
knows how to keep media attention focused on non narcotic pain medications tramadol them.  They're always giving out little tidbits of information that keep us talking.  In that vein, the company posted an update on their blog about how they'll be using the DOE loan money they received this year and levitra canda revealed that the Model S drivetrain will be used for three different future Tesla models:  an electric minivan, an electric crossover-utility vehicle and an electric utility van for fleets.

As far as the government money goes, it will be allocated to two projects.  The first will be the complete production and assembly of the Model S in the U.S.  The second is a California facility that will manufacture EV drivetrain components for other carmakers in order to help them get EV models on their lots.

We'll let you know more about these new models and which automakers will be using their drivetrain as soon as there's any more information.

via Tesla

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big steps
written by Mark, October 01, 2009
These are big steps for such a new company. I think they will do well. They have a great design, price and car. The cross-over should sell like hot cakes.
EMR from electric motor control systems is not safe
written by Mikey, October 02, 2009
The electronic control systems which pulse power to the electric motors of these vehicles generates significant electromagnetic radiation.

Currently there are no standards to manage this problem and most people are ignorant of the risks. We must be careful if one problem (GW) is not exchanged for another (cancers).
written by Jim, October 02, 2009
The EMR causing cancer comment is interesting.Many site EMR as a risk regardless of spectrum. But the affect of buy viagra now EMR on the body is only here buy generic cialis a product of field strength and most important, frequency. Can the author of the comment add some details and wow look it buy levitra online from canadacheap levitra tablets referances?
One word - Hot!!
written by SharlzG, October 03, 2009
I would absolutely buy this car - it looks so much like the Aston DB9 which I've always considered a HOT looking car, and the green factor makes it even more atractive (I just hope it doesn't make it a poor performer from a driving perspective).
electric is for hairdryers!!!
written by greg berlin, October 03, 2009
A wealthy exoticar collector as my self would not own
a tesla,i dont see it on the supercar playing field for
30 years? maybe maybe the best electric car out there
a exotic toy, NO! concept is there but guys like me with hot stables haha bill gates wife might!!
car nut par excelance
written by James Testa, October 13, 2009
I love the S, and I want one very much. I just hope that it looks like it does in the pictures. Not like all the other cars you see in real life.....tall, narrow short and way off the ground. In print they look sweat, low, long and wide as well as low to the ground.

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