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AUG 31

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"Bob - No, There is no difference here than anywhere else. We get a few..."

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BMW Unveils Advanced Plug-in Sports Car Concept

bmwpluginsportscarIt's the BMW Vision, a car that has an ultra-efficient turbo-diesel engine and two electric motors that could combine to make it the buying cialis online canada greenest sports car that isn't a Tesla Roadster. Of course the 400 mile range (not to mention the backseat) makes the Vision a tad more practical.

BMW will be officially unveiling the car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a couple of buy propecia without a prescription weeks, but we're getting a HD preview in the form of the cialis info following video.

The car doesn't just get an EcoGeek's approval because of the plug-in system, which can carry the vehicle for 30 miles on a 2.5 hour charge. The 1.5 liter turbo-diesel engine is also extra green, and its placement over the rear axle allows for an extremely low front-end, which decreases drag significantly. Additionally, the concept has been created using extremely light-weight materials and a battery chemistry that allows for less battery weight. Of course, the lighter a car is, the less fuel it has to use.

While the car can drive on discount levitra online electric power alone, it isn't an extended-range electric vehicle like the Volt. The turbo-diesel can re-charge the battery, but it can also be used to power the wheels. The idea is that, if you really want to pull out all of the stops, the diesel engine can kick in and work with the order viagra now electric engines, thus making the car "perform like a BMW."

Of course, performing like a BMW isn't important to me. But it is important to me that luxury car companies work these technologies into expensive cars, thus allowing rich dudes with midlife crises to canadian pharmacy subsidize the technology for the rest of us. Hopefully there are some of you out there who'll be buying this car as soon as it's available. Which, let's be honest, may be never. But it's still worth looking at and drooling over. Check out the Hi-Res gallery at AutoBlogGreen.

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BMW fan
written by BenHead, August 31, 2009
As someone who does care about a car performing like a BMW (ignoring the midlfie crisis comment, being 31 and having driven mine since I was 24), I'm thrilled to read this. Until now, AFAIK, they've been focused on hydrogen for greening, and hydrogen combustion (rather than fuel cell) at that. This is certainly much more realistic (unreality of any concept car aside), which is always important. I've been salivating over the Volt, but depending on when something based on this concept is the pharmacy shop viagra released and exactly when I'm ready for a new car, this could be a sweet alternative.
written by Drew, August 31, 2009
Blah Blah. I've been hearing about these sorts of natural cialis pills concept cars / car of the future for too long. I want it two months ago, not at some unknown possible maybe time in the future then it never happens. BMW / Merc - whoever - get your crap together.

This car, isn't going to happen.
China EV
written by Golmekker, August 31, 2009
BMW is so scared of China in e-automotive marketplace, they are forced to make this announcement which is designed to keep people interested in the BMW brand while they try to catch up with China, but not possible now.

China has huge lead in electrical vehicles and advanced nano structure resin technology. Even suspension components like springs are made from nano structure resins to cheap prescription cialis keep weight very low for very happiness performance and long battery life.

This is the New China Age of the 21 Century.
written by Drew, August 31, 2009
no offense China EV, but I live here and I don't see any cars being sold like what you're describing. Again, it's the "car of tomorrow" everyone keeps talking about.

You are correct in one thing and that is when will viagra be available as a generic BMW are scared of what China is capable of. It wouldn't surprise me if BMW are doing what Boeing did to Airbus: Announce plans for some high tech super duper aircraft (which they had no intentions of building) to panic Airbus into making the A380 and virtually bankrupting them. Difference is here, China DO have the capability of leading in the EV race - I hope they do!
hybrid sportscar
written by ds, August 31, 2009
They put a hefty 360 hp in a car that gets 6o mpg.
They built in some special effects like a wind curtain to the wheel that improves stability, braking lights that can be seen from the inside of the car to transmit driving conditions to passengers(I'll take a sip of generic viagra bestseller my orange juice just after the next turn).
I for myself would take out the diesel and put in a 30kw fuelcell-stack as range extender and be happy with 110 hp of electric power. Yes - certainly a remarkable car.
written by Bob Wallace, August 31, 2009
Drew - do you see any signs of BYD's PHEV and EV being sold? And, if so, any info on actual price and performance?
It deserves EcoGeek's approval!
written by Carl Hage, August 31, 2009
Wait a minute Hank-- the things you knock are features not bugs! smilies/smiley.gif By limiting the battery to a 30 mile range it fits most regular commuting use, lowering the cost, weight, and size of the battery, yet is still suitable for long distance trips in hybrid mode. When using the diesel, it gets 63MPG. Combining the discount viagra india diesel engine with electric to give extra acceleration is also an advantage, because that too allows weaker/cheaper/lighter electric drive.

People buy a V-8 version that always gets bad mileage because they like the acceleration. Many people won't buy electric-only (in the near future) because of the price or range. The plug-in hybrid solves these problems. Yes, a car that doesn't allow drivers to "perform like a BMW" is better for the environment, but that doesn't mean lots of people will buy them.

The other neat feature in this concept is the lightweighting (presumably why it gets 63MPG). That alone deserves the EcoGeek stamp of approval. Long touted by Avery Lovins at RMI as a solution to the oil endgame, lightweighting in theory is the most cost effective way to improve efficiency.
written by Drew, August 31, 2009
Bob - No, There is no difference here than anywhere else. We get a few prius's on the road, but that's it. HKG even designed an EV that wasn't allowed to be sold here (That is slowly changing, but it's not allowed on the highways, so not much use for me. Plus, again, who knows when it's going to happen).

I believe any of the BYD PHEV's will be sold on mass in USA before they are sold here. A billion people earning $1 dollar a month still doesn't beat 300M earning $1,000's+ a month.

@ Carl - I think people buying high performance cars are the minority. From an environmental point of very good site take cialis view, EV's should be targeted at normal people who just want to get from A-B. Having said that, I'll buy a Tesla S / Karma the day they arrive on 100 mg soft viagra the showroom floor where I live.

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