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JUN 23

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"Even if Tesla is the one that deserves the stimulus money for me, I be..."

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And The Stimulus Money Goes To…

Stimulus Money

If you recall, a big chunk of buy ultram from trusted pharmacy stimulus money ($25 billion) was made available for car companies who are on the road to developing electric cars.  Both the big auto giants and generic viagra super active the lightweight electric startups applied for as much of said money as possible, and the Department of Energy is 25mg viagra moments away from announcing the lucky winners.

Although the DOE has made no official announcement, the Detroit Free Press has leaked that the winners are going to be: Tesla, Nissan and Ford (which explains why this particular publication was so eager to spread the good news early).  Let’s take a look at each

Nissan – Lest you worry that US stimulus dollars are funding industry abroad, rest assured; Nissan will have to use the money in-house under the viagra tablets for sale conditions of the loan.  This means we’ll likely be seeing EVs coming out of Smyrna, TN – a town which, despite a modest Wikipedia entry, boasts a Nissan manufacturing plant.  Nissan says it expects to wow)) mexico levitra be selling EVs for commercial fleets by 2010 and then start rolling out cars for consumers like us in 2012.

Tesla – Thanks to the $350 million Tesla is expected to get, the Model S may have been saved from death-by-lack of funding.  ABG speculates that Daimler’s recent financial support of the company may have convinced the DEO that Tesla is good, stable investment.  As for how the DOE justifies using the nation’s money to help build a car that most Americans can’t afford (estimated in the ballpark of tramadol fiddler online $50,000)… ok maybe it doesn’t make all the lowest price viagra sense in the world, but – like most other EcoGeeks – the DOE appreciates Tesla nonetheless and wants it to succeed.  After all, you can’t kill the company whose cars are the sex symbols of green technology.

Ford – But of course. The stimulus loans would be downright un-American if they left out this icon of American auto ingenuity.  And it would be downright crazy to invest the money into the other two icons of American auto ingenuity – GM and Chrysler – currently wallowing in the mire of bankruptcy… yes, Ford is a good choice.  Not too many details on what they are actually going to produce, but there is buy levitra online viagra talk of a plug in EV of their own.

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Stimulating Cars
written by Fred, June 23, 2009
Hopefully with a stimulus in place, I can get a new car. An electric one at that!
Ford made an EV Ranger
written by Adam Jochum, June 23, 2009
As Ford had produced an EV Ranger when mandated by CA(watch Who Killed the Electric Car), it seems they could restart that product line an be the Only small truck EV on the market.
pot vs. kettle
written by electrical engineer, June 23, 2009
I've been following ecogeek for several months and am slightly fed up. Unlike most on this site (I assume) I actually have electrical education, not just a big mouth and a critical mind. I am all for the buying levitra without a prescription transition away from fossil fuels; however, where do you think electricity comes from? Having electric vehicles creates one little problem. We are in the middle of an energy crisis! We are looking for ways to the best site generic viagra in canada create consistent, large amounts of energy. I'm not talking kW from wave power or a few MW from wind. I'm talking on the GW scale, something that is only possible day after day (not contingent on the forecast for wind and cloud cover) right now with coal and nuclear power. As I've read, nobody on this site thinks coal or nuclear power is an acceptable option. So what do you want? You either accept the status quo of using gasoline in cars and viagra on women not further tax the grid, allowing the industry to come up with another solution for energy generation on sildenafil scales that are actually useful day after day; or, you push EVs and get rid of gasoline, pushing energy generation past its limits, fast tracking proven generation techniques such as coal and nuclear. For those of you smug 'ecogeeks' that think that driving your EV is saving the planet, ask around and find out where that energy is coming from. Your money is better spent on keeping you guzzler and putting up solar panels on your roof. Stop waiting for someone else to act in a way that really won't solve anything. Do something yourself.
written by Electricnick, June 23, 2009
Here is the breakdown:

Tesla gets $465 million for their factory in Southern California for the production of the Model S.

Nissan gets $1.6 billion to build EVs and battery factories in Tennessee. They have mentioned 150,000 EVs annually.

Ford gets $5.9 billion to increase the efficiency of several of just try! buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets their cars and trucks, hopefully it will go toward building their new EV with Magna.

The team.
What to Stimulate?
written by Carl Hage, June 23, 2009
Too bad stimulus money wasn't given out mainly based on an analysis of economic payback. Money (or loans) should be given out when the future cost savings is more than the how much does cialis cost current investment. Perhaps an investment in electric vehicles might yield lower future battery cost and in turn lower costs for imported fossil fuel. But there is so much lost opportunity for plain old energy efficiency-- a stimulus there pays back many fold (and stops energy cost increases for new power plants, etc.) and it puts lots of people out of work (due to housing crunch, etc.) real soon now. We should be retrofitting buildings, redesigning electronics, etc. where a loan now could be paid for with ongoing cost savings.
written by solargroupies, June 23, 2009
Uhhhhh, Mr EE: last I knew no one had a solution for storing thousands of tons of radioactive waste safely for half a million years, and the plant decommissionings would be so expensive, no one really believes they ever will be decommissioned as utilities drop their disasters on the next generations, as has been done in the past. This leaves, at this count, over 100 on American soil and water, as ghost town- targets for eons. So, nukes are out.

Coal? Hmmm. let see, phenomenal water use for mining and processing at a time when water is becoming scarcer, environmentally disastrous, and not only CO2-polluting but heavy on acid rain pollutants too. Hope, coal is out too. The point is we need a diverse power grid that uses geothermal, tidal, wind, hydro, solar, and maybe clean combustion if and when those technologies emerge. The new carbon sequestration technologies will emerge a lot faster if we start incenting that sector of R&D instead of denying it could work.
Not sure how I feel about Tesla getting the $
written by Alternative Green Technologies, June 23, 2009
I think that giving Tesla the cash should have had some strings attached such as building a more affordable model that the average american can buy.

I think it's a good move towards Ford and how to buy levitra Nissan though.
Minor correction
written by Susan Kraemer, June 23, 2009
The numbers are actually $465 million for Tesla per the DOE press release:Govt Picks a Winner: Tesla Gets $465 Million

Re:"giving Tesla the cash should have had some strings attached such as building a more affordable model that the average american can buy. "

Well, duh!

That is exactly what funding like this is designed to do. Startups need capital to only today where to buy cialis build in the efficient assembly line that lowers costs to consumers.
Not stimulus money
written by kballs, June 23, 2009
This is not stimulus (TARP) money, nor is it being given away, it's DOE loan money that was applied for back in mid-2008 (long before TARP). This means they have to pay it back (not the taxpayers), and it did have strings attached (they had to use it to produce alternative energy vehicles and make a proposal to the DOE).
written by no one, June 24, 2009
Tesla must have some awesome political connections to be receiving so much government money. This is not the first or last set of viagra generic india government money they have received.

Tesla has yet to show they are capable of building cars which they can sell for a profit.
written by autostry, June 25, 2009
Even if Tesla is the one that deserves the stimulus money for me, I believe that it would be Ford who would be getting most of the cash.

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