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APR 07

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"Put the bike drive-gear out back, add a set of low-slung wheels in fro..."

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Zero S Electric Motorbike Available for Purchase

In other two-wheeled transportation news, you can get yourself an electric motorbike with a top speed of buy real cialis 60 mph, 32 horsepower and no prescription cheapest tramadol 62 ft lbs of torque for less than $10,000. The bike can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. for a mere $500, so don't worry if you don't have a dealer nearby. Deliveries will begin in early May.

The bike should have plenty of acceleration, and it's highway ready (despite it's low top speed.) The battery will take you 60 miles on a charge but a recharge will only take four hours. That's the beauty of these low-power bike batteries...they don't have a lot to push, so they can be a lot more useful.

So next time you complain that there are no EVs available for cheap, just remember you're the priss holding out for one that has a roof and four wheels.

Keep reading for a video of the Zero S in action.


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Bikes for Tykes, Gimme 3 Wheels Please
written by Uncle B, April 08, 2009
Put the bike drive-gear out back, add a set of low-slung wheels in front, sit me ahead of the driveworks , low down between the front wheels in a carbon fiber cab with a roof rack option for carrying stuff, and let me commute almost for free! The supreme mortgage buster for my existing McMansion, the miracle of mortgage free living very soon, for my Zero operation cost, Zero running cost, eco-great republican depression shelter, just think of cialis without prescription online the cash I can save if I can plug in at work! How about Solar/wind installations for charging at home? Totally electric commuting, and in a covered canopy, low center of gravity for thrilling ride, and safer now that the SUV's are dead. Could save a fellow from foreclosure to switch from an SUV to this sort of thing! Could change your life! Zero pollution, Zero oil use for the economy, no bail-out money needed, an a lot of fun on the best choice levitra non prescription the way to work! Make mine electric orange, large flake metallic of course, with a roll cage, racing 4 point seat and a "space capsule" motif interior! I want large diameter spoked wheels out front, open suspension, and aerodynamic spray guards on the wheels. Make the thing look low, lean, sexy, daring and most of all, fast! but keep me dry and safe low down, protected, inside! Looks like the 21st Century is going to be great, envirogear and all!

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