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MAR 27

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"I agree with Barbara, take a chance at winning the amazing 2010 Honda ..."

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Toyota Sees Honda's Insight, Raises Stakes

I have to say that I'm considering the Insight as my next car, and Toyota doesn't like that one bit. A lower-cost dedicated hybrid that suits my needs perfectly? I'll Take It!

While Toyota isn't interested in making an extended-range EV like pretty much every other automaker, they DO want to maintain superiority in hybrid vehicles. They're going to buy cialis in new zealand counter the Insight with a small hybrid based on the Yaris that will probably be even cheaper and discount soft cialis more efficient than the Insight, probably in 2011. And they'll continue to tout the Prius' superior efficiency and utility.

After all, the Insight may be cheaper, but the 2010 Prius is posting some extremely high efficiency numbers, above 70 mpg in real world tests. Plus, it's bigger and faster than any Prius has ever been.

The new Insight is going to bring Honda into the game in a way they haven't been since the free sampel viagra very beginning, but Toyota, it seems, will reign supreme for a while yet.

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written by House Plans, March 30, 2009
I'm waiting to see how to Toyota actually fairs as I want to stick with them. The mileage and low maintenance costs have kept me with them so far, so if they can improve on the eco aspects, they are still the clear winner.
win a Honda Insight
written by Barbara, March 31, 2009
Don't BUY the Honda Insight. Buy a raffle ticket to win the car. Great car. Great cause.
Win an insight AND support critical envi
written by Darrell, March 31, 2009
I agree with Barbara, take a chance at winning the amazing 2010 Honda Insight for only $100 and that $100 goes to supporting Liberty Hill's environmental justice work.

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