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MAR 25

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"Great stuff. And it's about time Infinity got on board. Thanks for fin..."

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Infiniti Launching First of Hybrid Line in 2010

Nissan is starting to propecia best price uk ramp up their EV ambitions. Not only are they starting production of fleets of ZEVs in 2010, but their luxury Infiniti brand is making a major commitment to EVs.

Nissan announced earlier in the month that the Infiniti brand would be converting entirely to hybrids within the next decade. As a first step, the brand is launching their first hybrid model in 2010.

The first model undergoing the levitra soft gel conversion is the M-series sedan. Unlike the Nissan Altima hybrid already on the market, the Infiniti hybrids won't be using Toyota technology. The line will reportedly be based on a combination series-parallel drivetrain that will enable the cars to be powered by electricity alone or electricity and real viagra paypal gas at the same time.

At first, Infiniti will offer both hybrid and regular gas versions of its models, but the gas versions will be phased out within the ten year time frame.

via Left Lane News

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What is a Toyoto?
written by Icari Vogor, March 26, 2009
I am interested in the Toyoto technology, I have not heard of this company.
Re: What is a Toyoto?
written by AndyM, March 26, 2009
Eight sentences. One typo.

Who cares? Do you have nothing better to do with your time, Ecaro?
written by David Yeend, March 27, 2009
Great stuff. And it's about time Infinity got on board. Thanks for finding this, and sharing. - DY

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