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Tri-Fuel Fiat Panda


The Fiat Panda has two models. One runs on either methanol or gasoline, while the the best choice discount cialis online other runs on methanol, gasoline or E85.  This is the kind of multi-fuel vehicle that we will likely be seeing more of in the future.  Based on the needs of the environment, the economy, the user and levitra without prescription the car, these multi-fuel cars can swap between fuel sources and even between engines (as we've seen in hybrid cars.)  The drawback is that these cars need to be heavier, incorporating more tanks and fuel lines and, in the case of hybrids, even a whole other engine.

But the advantages often outweigh those problems, especially when calculating the effect on the environment, as both methanol and E85 are cleaner and have lower net CO2 emissions than gasoline.
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