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DEC 02

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"Sailors have been green for thousands of years, just go sailing..."

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NY Boat Show: Showing off Green Boating

I guess we've just spent too much time talking about green cars. Boats are getting jealous! And while boating, for may, is a less necessary part of our lives, it's important to order tramadol online cod consider their environmental impact as well.

This year's New York National Boat Show has a whole exhibition on green(er) boating, including everything from plug-in hybrid boats to EPA approved cleaning products. Probably the coolest thing on display is the Torqeedo, a portable electric outboard engine that can fit inside a backpack.

OK, slightly cooler than that is canada levitra prescription the $16,000 hybrid boat that they will be giving away. The 16 foot Scout 145 is a plug-in hybrid vehicle. It can be powered either by batteries (it can get a full charge in 6 hours) or by a traditional outboard motor. The electric motors are good only up to eight mph, unfortunately, but plenty that you can turn your outboard off once you've reached your fishing spot, or are in a wake-free zone.

I guess if you're going to be avoiding manatees, you might as well be doing it with a clean engine!

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Not so much a hybrid boat...
written by HankS, December 03, 2008
It sounds more like dual-motor. :-

Part of the hybrid appeal is being able to treat it like a normal vehicle and original viagra still get great efficiency. If I had to manually switch to buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg electric power in my Prius I'd be driving a Corolla instead.
Another outboard, that looks more durabl
written by EE, December 04, 2008
Another company that makes electric boat motors (aside from Minn Kota) is Solidnav. Check out their site at

The guy running the company is from my hometown, and the levitra 20 motors look good. I haven't seen the outboards though. Anyhow, possibly worth a look to you,

Go Green=Sail
written by Bill, December 06, 2008
Sailors have been green for thousands of years, just go sailing

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