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OCT 28

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"This is EXCELLENT news!!! UPS has one of the largest fleets in the sales cialis Uni..."

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Greener Deliveries on the Way

Shopping online is one of the great luxuries of modern life and cialis without prescription it has its environmental benefits. It keeps us from using our cars and, in the case of online-only stores, removes the need for energy-demanding, brick-and-mortar stores. But when you factor in the fuel-using, emission-producing trucks that deliver the products, it becomes clear that online shopping has its environmental cost. Luckily, delivery companies are starting to look for solutions.

UPS announced yesterday that it will be the first delivery company to use hydraulic hybrid vehicles (HHVs), a diesel hybrid technology that replaces the conventional drivetrain and transmission with a hydraulic propulsion system. Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic storage tanks capture and store energy and the diesel engine is used to periodically recharge pressure in the propulsion system.

The company began testing the cialis on line EPA-developed technology two years ago on Detroit routes with significant results. The vehicles achieved a 45-50 percent increase in fuel economy compared to the conventional diesel trucks and the company believes that the same results, plus a 30 percent reduction in CO2, are possible in daily use. The first HHVs will be deployed in early 2009 in Minneapolis, with more following in 2010.

DHL is also planning to reduce their footprint. The company announced earlier this month that it was setting up a clean technology incubation unit that will fund innovative startups capable of helping them cut emissions. The company has set a target of reducing emissions by 30 percent by 2030.

via UPS and BusinessGreen

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written by HankS, October 29, 2008
Thats cool. I'm surprised a mechanical hybrid (for lack of cheapest 100 viagra uk a better term) like this wasn't in use first before gas/electric hybrids.

It seems like HHVs use technology thats been around for years, where as there was, and still is, lot of effort going into improving batteries for electric hybrids.
written by Kelly, October 29, 2008
I'm excited to see more US companies working with diesel technology. From what I've researched and experienced, diesel engines have far greater capabilities than gasoline engines. It has a bad rep for being dirtier, but new diesel vehicles are actually very clean, sometimes even cleaner than gasoline engines.
written by TheGeek, November 06, 2008
Well one of the ways that DHL reduceing their footprint is by cutting back on order viagra service area. Found out last week that DHL no longer services my area >:( so it's all UPS now for my shipping.
Good for UPS
written by KJ Lahti, November 06, 2008
UPS is using this technology, not so much for saving the environment, but rather as a way for them to save money. I'm sure you heard that in most of the cities they serve they don't have the drivers make left turns, because they found out how much more gas/diesel they were using, so they set the schedules of their regular drop offs and superactive levitra pick ups to not have to do left turns..

Just like walmart going to we like it buy viagra in new zealand all LED lighting in their frozen food sections to save them money. Nothing wrong with that
Clean and Green
written by Cleanroom, September 04, 2009
This is EXCELLENT news!!! UPS has one of the largest fleets in the United States and this will continue to help the environment and our health. Thank you UPS for planning ahead.

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