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OCT 20

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"I am all for the auto manufacturers creating vehicles that run on alte..."

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All-Electric MINI Coopers Available in 2009

You can get an electric MINI Cooper right now, but you're not gonna get it from MINI. Hybrid Technologies has had one available (for only $65k) for over a year. But now BMW will be making their own (significantly more impressive) electric MINI Coper E, hopefully for a bit less cash.

The car will deliver impressive acceleration, a 150 mile range and purchase cialis online a regenerative braking system keeps the dose cialis battery charged for longer in city driving. The only real reason why it's not as nice as a regular is that the backseat (small to where can i purchase levitra begin with ) is now completely gone. In order to make room for enough battery to get the car a 150 mile range, MINI's engineers had to take out the back seat.

Every lessee will get a fast-charging station installed in their home that ups the voltage so the car can be charged in less than three hours. A standard plug will take all night to charge the car.

The real bad news is that only 500 will be sold in America next year. They'll only be leased in California, New York and New Jersey. And there's no word on whether MINI will look to expand the female viagra pills program beyond 2010.

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Better be a lot less than $65K
written by HankM, October 20, 2008
The base Mini Cooper starts at $19K, and without a backseat that really hurts usability. I could see paying up to buy viagra pill $30K for this, with $25K more in the comfort zone, but any more is levitra online no prescription getting crazy.
Electric Mini Coopers
written by Polky, October 24, 2008
Good to see smaller electric cars taking off but a key factor is the top speed , not given in Hank Green's review. We have seen Lotus electric car with a top speed of 130MPH and the Indian Riva with 35 MPH but the former's cost is prohibitive and the latters speed is of nouse on the average English country road which needs an average cruising speed of at least 55MPH. Vital info of this nature is essential to us potential buyers.
written by Michelle, November 24, 2008
I am all for the auto manufacturers creating vehicles that run on alternative fuel sources and applaud Mini for taking a leadrship role in this endeavor. However, if they really want consumers to buy these cars the automobile mavens need to rein in the costs while still providing the viagra online generic public with a vehicle that has four seats, and can drive long distances before refueling or recharging, as well as, making them available to comsumers en masse [not just three locales as now appears to be the case].

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