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SEP 08

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"I think in the end, that doesn't matter... usually it takes a first st..."

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Daimler a Partner in World’s Largest Joint EV Project

Daimler is helping out the e-mobility Berlin project by providing 100 EVs from its Smart and Mercedes-Benz lines. The company is partnering up with German utility RWE in what they’re calling the generic viagra rxmeds world’s largest joint project to get EVs out on the roads.

Their goal is buy cheap levitra online to have the 100 cars in the hands of drivers by 2010. RWE is installing about 500 charging points around the city that will be able to recognize each EV, and the credit card linked to the account, so drivers have an easy time charging up. One hundred cars doesn’t sound like a very big project, especially when they have a little over a year to get them out. But 500 intelligent charging stations sounds like a whole lot, especially for what is essentially a next-step pilot project. Also beggars can’t be choosers, and world is near the begging point for some quality EVs and infrastructure ASAP.

Because the wow)) brand viagra for sale project could have a significant impact on future use of EVs, the German government is supporting it. With luck, the system will be a smashing success and other governments (ahem, US, ahem), car companies and utilities will want to launch similar projects, moving us all closer to eco-friendly driving options.

Via Earth2Tech; photo via Daimler

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written by LeSpocky, September 09, 2008
This sounds cooler than it possibly is. See http://www.klima-luegendetekto...ecksstrom/ – they calculate the resulting emissions if you ask where the electrical energy is produced. RWE has mostly coal power plants. The CO2 emissions at the end of the calculation come to almost the same as with high efficient fuel powered engines in the Smart cars. In this form it's a prestige project, nothing more.
written by ..., September 09, 2008
I think in the end, that doesn't matter... usually it takes a first step to start the process. Doing nothing, IMHO is worse than not... even if in it's current form, it will have a limited effect

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