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AUG 14

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"Sorry, should say "will have a hard time finding a PERSONAL vehicle to..."

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Rapper's Ride of Choice: the Smart Car

So – feel like seeing a Smart car in action? In a hilarious spin on the gangsta ride, rapper Redman decided to nix the souped up car typical in rap videos for…yep, a Smart car. It’s rap, so plug your ears if you’re sensitive to “bad” words. It’s almost like Al Yankovic cruzing on a Segway in White and cialis online canada no prescription Nerdy, only this is far cooler. I’m sure some will think it’s a clown car, and not something actually available, but maybe word will spread.


Via AutoblogGreen

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The Smart Car is not an EV
written by Michelle, August 14, 2008
The Smart Car is not an EV. It runs on gasoline.
Not Available
written by amy, August 14, 2008
They wouldn't be that far off thinking that the Smart Car isn't available. I test drove the car a few months back and there was a year and a half wait at that point.
written by Robbert, August 14, 2008
Smart Cars are quite normal here in Europe, though slightly less in Germany as they're a bit unwieldy above the 160kmh (100mph).

Due to their size they have a good fuel economy. And the whole body is quite flexible. I have seen a smart hit a wall at something close to 30kph and just bounce off.
written by TheChico, August 14, 2008
LOL, he is not gangsta anymore, he's whacksta!! smilies/grin.gif
written by Karsten, August 14, 2008
Yeah, bounce of pfizer cialis 50mg the cialis from canadian pharmacy wall. Look at this video of a Smart car hitting a wall at 70mph. Makes you think. I am all for small cars, but I cannot show this video any more at my school here in Vermont. It result in all kids thinking that they will never get a small car. Still too many huge cars on the road here.

You don't want flexible - you want permanent deformation to keep energy away from the passengers.

Missing some points
written by Izzy, August 15, 2008
Yes the smart car may not fare well in crash tests currently but there are two key factors most people miss:

1. They are not meant for 70 mph highway driving, they are meant for around-town 25-30 mph stop-light-every-other-block driving.

2. "What happens when my tiny smart car hits a giant SUV?" It's an issue that people are driving the gas guzzling monstrosities in the first place. I'm sure it would fare better in crashes against a car its own size if everyone was driving them, after all all cars are safety tested with respect to their size. Your 5 star standard-size car will still not stand a chance against a giant SUV.

Not saying this is the answer, I'm saying it's what most people ignore.
Large Family?
written by David Burch, August 16, 2008
How many of these cars would I need to haul around a family of eight? Four? There might be more safety in numbers: Convoy...
Large Family
written by Karsten, August 18, 2008
A family of 8 (2 adults, 6 kids) will have a hard time finding a vehicle to transport them that does not create difficulties for the environment. A family of 8 (North Americans) will have a hard time doing anything "modern" that does not cause difficulties for the environment. The problem here is not that you have fewer options, the problem is herbal alternative to levitra that a family of 8 is too big considering our life-style and expectations to cheap canadian pharmacy live sustainable on our planet. Your decision to worry about the buy real viagra environment comes (maybe too) late. If you (and we) are lucky your family will grow up being radical treehuggers and spread the message. I hope it works out.

Large Family
written by Karsten, August 18, 2008
Sorry, should say "will have a hard time finding a PERSONAL vehicle to transport them.." You could use the train or bus of course. They are set up for that even though you may not like the destination options that are available.

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