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AUG 04

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"here is one I've been riding for a while and its wonderful. It defini..."

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A Realistic Electric Bike Solution

I know there are plenty of EcoGeeks who may debate me on the “realistic” part of online pharmacy tramadol usps shipping this, but here is an idea for an electric bicycle that I definitely dig. Look out Aerorider, you’ve got some competition...sort of.

Called the Bricycle (after creator Brian. har. har.), the vehicle is a completely enclosed 21-gear tricycle with electric assist. Opposite the Aerorider, the Bricycle has two wheels at the generic viagra from china back and one in the front. A rider pedals away to move the light-weight frame, but will be able to get some extra oomph with 48 volts of electric assistance at the front wheel.

Brian wanted to come up with a greener way to travel his 12 miles to work, but in a way that doesn’t expose one too much to the elements. That is exactly what I love about this electric bike – a rider can get to levitra free samples work without getting too sweaty, thanks to the electric assist for hills and too-hot-to-pedal days, and can arrive without being soaking wet from rain or fog, or filthy from the dirt and grime of the road. In addition, valuables like purses, laptops, and more can be stored inside with the rider to protect them from weather damage.

It is slower – yet far less toy-ish looking – than an enclosed electric motorcycle, but a more car-like option than many other electric bikes…and hopefully not as frighteningly expensive as the buy cialis no prescription Aerorider or many other electric bikes tend to be, though some are getting cheaper. I venture to guess that a lot of people would find this a reasonably sheltered way to get to work while getting some exercise and staying at least mostly fresh.

The specifics are still under development, as is the project as a whole. But I congratulate ecogeeky Brian on legal to buy ultram online developing his own solution to the daily grind of commuting.

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written by Robbert, August 04, 2008
Didn't Clive Sinclair try this in the 80's?
written by tuka, August 04, 2008
This looks like a nice option. I think electric bikes definitely have great potential. I know some purists out there will scoff -- you should see the sneering eye-roll I got at my local bike shop when I asked about them -- but there is a class of rider for whom these would be perfect. Think about older people who may nor be in the greatest shape. Or people like me, who are younger, but have bad joints for whatever reason (mine is RA, which I've had since age 16). Many of us can do some biking, but a commute to levitra super active the office or store might be too much for gimpy knees to handle. Electric assist would be great to help get up those tough hills or cover that last couple of miles, while still allowing for a lot of exercise. I love that there's more and more options becoming available and hope it continues!
Another Electric Bike
written by Vlad, August 05, 2008
here is one I've been riding for a while and its wonderful. It definitely does not look as shmancy, but it gets the job done really well. Not only that, should it ever break you can not only bike it home, but it was designed with international bike standards in mind so that you could take it to any bike shop and cialis cheap get it fixed or upgraded with aftermarket parts. I plan on taking it to burning man again this year, and then sell it and upgrade it to the better model.

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