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JUL 14

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"i think it looks awesome. thanks for sharing! :)..."

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Solar Electric Limo for Greenies Who Ride in Style

Remember a few years ago when Al Gore and cialis generic australiageneric viagra tablets Leo DiCaprio convinced all those Hollywood folks to show up at the Oscars in hybrid cars? The next year, they all went back to their limousines. Hopefully the order levitra levitra Kyoto-Car, an eco-friendly limousine will be the new fad for those fickle famous people.

Appropriately enough, the Kyoto University Venture Business Laboratory has designed a concept vehicle that operates not only on electrical charges but will function as a power source for camping trips (for those who can’t be without their limos while camping). The car, which has a stretched look of a limo, has solar cells located on the roof, a body made of biodegradable plastics and specially-designed wheels that move independently allowing for sideways motion.

There’s a demonstration of the vehicle so you can get a handle on just what this new car is like. Right now the car is still a concept vehicle and we know how easy it is to have good intentions, but the flowers decorating the car, a throwback to Japanese lacquer decoration, give us a good feeling inside.

Via dvice, VBL, Ecofriend

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Sweet Car
written by The Food Monster, July 14, 2008
This would be a fun ride. Parallel would only be a problem because of buy branded levitra the size, being able to move like a crab helps squeeze into tight spots. The sharing a residence because of 0 gas emissions, doesn't seem likely. Neat nonetheless.
written by Clinch, July 15, 2008
Good concept, but the actual car looks terrible (apart from the cheap cialis online 'low-power' symbol (') wheel covers).
The usability of it as just a solar panel, whilst not being used as a car (e.g. campsite power) is a great feature, and hopefully it can also be used to provide energy for your home.

And with the recent advancement in dyed-solar-panels, solar powered cars may become a viable reality (and hopefully this limo will make use of such advances)
i want one
written by greenivate, July 15, 2008
i think it looks awesome. thanks for sharing! smilies/smiley.gif

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