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JUL 12

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Volkswagen's 235-MPG Bullet-Shaped Hybrid - Updates

You may feel a little like batman when you get behind the discount drug propecia wheel of VW’s upcoming hybrid, but your super power will be in the get cialis cheap MPGs. Back in May we talked about VW’s plans to build a diesel-electric hybrid based on their One-Liter Car, with a release date of 2010. We have a few updates about their zippy little car.

The electric and diesel propulsion systems together are expected to get a whopping 235 miles per gallon, that much we know. We also hear that the fuel savings is maximized with a few little tricks – the engine shuts off at stop lights, for instance, the body is very light weight (the concept car weighs 640 pounds, with a body made of carbon fiber), and the aerodynamics are superb (the concept car’s drag coefficient is about half that of wow)) buy viagra 50 mg an average car).

Dimensions are about 11.4 feet long, 4.1 feet wide and 3.3 feet tall – talk about itty bitty! It’s not far off in size from their three-wheeler idea. But apparently it’s safe, as VW reports that the One-Liter Car is as safe as a GT sports car registered for racing, and comes complete with airbags and crunch control. Yeah, but that doesn’t do much to put your mind at ease when you’re essentially sledding down the road at high speeds.

Because the concept car is made of carbon monocoque, VW planned to wait intil the price of the material dropped to a reasonable amount, which they guessed would be in 2012. However, they’ve decided the cost is competitive enough to best doses for propecia go ahead and get cracking, though that means the sticker price may fall between $31,750 to $47,622, according to Britain's Car magazine’s “well placed source.”

We’ll see how all these little nuggets given to us change as the car comes closer to release. It sounds like it’ll be a fun and efficient little car, but I have a hard time seeing Americans riding to work together tandem-style.

Via GoodCleanTech,, Wired

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Too small
written by Clinch, July 12, 2008
This sounded great, until I read the dimension of it. Unless the seat practically on the floor, and/or the seat is leant back, then 3 foot just isn't going to be enough.

And I don't really like vehicles that look like tiny versions of normal cars, I'd rather have one of those enclosed-three-wheeler-bikes if it was something this small.

But if they made this in normal car size, it would be good.
Carbon composite on normal cars?
written by Loosely_coupled, July 12, 2008
Couldn't they replace the traditional steel frame of a regular-sized hybrid car with carbon composite, but also build in some type of crumple zones for more safety? You would think you could reduce the weight by 1000lbs! And also they should radically streamline the body to cheapest cialis 20mg reduce drag.

With all these changes, couldn't like a normal Honda civic or Toyota corolla get 60 mpg
Carbon composite too expensive.
written by Clinch, July 12, 2008
Yes, it's possible, but as the article says, the price for carbon composite materials is currently very high, and using them drastically increase the price of any car they're used in, and I doubt the increase in efficiency would save you more than the additional cost of visit web site best place cialis the materials.

But when the use of these materials becomes more economical, they will be used.

written by Bhima, July 13, 2008
For "Clinch" & "Loosely Coupled": Personally I do like the car and those characteristics you point out are selling points to me: It's size, that it is made of carbon fiber, its weight, its coefficient of drag, its fuel efficiency. The advantages of low weight to me are worth the slight increase in cost over other VW cars... but I am paying in Euros, perhaps you think it is expensive because you are thinking in dollars? In any event having already done business with them, I have already contacted the management of my local VW dealership and requested a test drive at the earliest possibility.

VW also has shown concept vehicles that do not have the characteristics that you appear to have problems with. So why don't you encourage VW to make those? Or at least not cheery pick the things you don't like and ignore text in the article in favor of private fears.
written by dialtone, July 13, 2008
yes - go ahead & build this car - then come out with something a little more mainstream say like the current VW Bug- built using the same tech? maybe 100 MPG or better - now those would sell like hotcakes

written by Clinch, July 13, 2008
slight increase in cost over other VW cars

It's not slight, it's massive, it's more than double some other small VW cars, and more than some larger one.

And why would it matter if the comparison is in $$$, £££ or €€€? Because if it's a comparison, it'll be comparing $ to $, £ to £ or € to €.

And the only advantages low weight really offers, is saving on file, which is pretty much negated if achieving that low weight costs more than you're saving on fuel.

written by John Thomas, July 13, 2008
Dude I love that car! I would be all over it!

weight does matter
written by Jim, July 13, 2008
With a lot lower vehicle weight it takes less energy every time you want to accelerate. You have less mass to move. Over time this really adds up. (also if you have less mass to move you could have a less powerful engine to move the mass and that engine would weigh less) So weight does matter.
written by Rob, July 13, 2008
These folks have an interesting idea, but it's about as far away fro the "Volkswagen" as they can get. There are so many ways using composites to cialis 20 mg reduce the vehicle weight and maintain stiffness and strength. A must is two-seater capability; single seat makes little sense at these prices; ride a motorcycle instead. Perhaps an imaginative manufacturer will take something like the Thunderbird or Cobra frame and give it 90-110mpg capability at $25k price point. That's closer to the market than this single seat at $40k.
written by Simon, July 13, 2008
Rob, its not a single seater, check out the interior photo's.
written by Pococurante, July 13, 2008
The Volkswagon TDI Passat is a surprisingly quick little car and has all the space and luxury I need. I paid 27k US for mine. I commute 90 miles daily, the lifetime average speed is 60.5mph, and the average lifetime gas mileage is 40.5 mpg.

Include me in those who'd give up some of the 145hp for 2.5 the gas mileage at the same price point.
art director
written by ron fontes, July 13, 2008
It may be efficient, but where could you put your groceries?
written by Tim, July 13, 2008
40 GRAND!!!

What is the point of canada levitra generic saving money on gas when your going to fork over your life savings in order to do so?

poor reading comprehension and thus miss
written by cj, July 13, 2008
@too small & loosely coupled:
• wouldn't get 235 mpg if they made it normal size!
• Using carbon fiber, they did reduce the weight. It weighs 640 lbs. I know of motorcycles that weigh more than that! A Prius weighs nearly 3000lbs! A smart car weighs 2300lbs!
• Crunch zone =crumple zone
•"the concept car’s drag coefficient is about half that of an average car." I'd say that qualifies as streamlined!

written by Tom, July 13, 2008
This is kinda obvious, but I think worth saying again...

Like any other car with future-leaning ideas/materials/systems with a higher price at inception, the only way to get the united healthcare viagra price down is for people who can afford it to step up and show the auto industry that people are willing to make an investment to bring down the prices of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials for -a lot- more future cars.

Forty thousand is way out of reach for the majority for a car like this--to start, but those who can should really start to think about stuff like this and help usher in a new wave of much saner cars. And one thing is for sure, this stuff isn't gonna get cheaper on its own without some sort of initial somewhat lopsided investment by the public in something like composite materials.

move closer to work
written by mike Minardi, July 13, 2008
To the guy with a 90 mile commute. Why not move 10 miles from your job that is equal to viagra online sales infinity miles per gallon for the 70 miles you don't drive.
Price tag makes it uneconomical
written by Andrew, July 13, 2008
Unfortunately, even at 235 mpg, the car is still more expensive to drive than a 2009 Toyota Corolla. Using the fuel mileage estimates from both companies, and assuming $4.10 for regular petrol and $4.80 for diesel, the Corolla costs a total $26,964.29 to drive 100,000 miles, compared to the bullet $33,788.30 to $49,660.30.

Considering some of the technologies can be easily ported to a standard car (hybrid, engine shutoffs) I don't see much hope for this car if they sell it from a pure gas mileage angle.

(mileage estimates and price tag from manufacturers, fuel costs from

76.9 US$ Per week ?
written by TedinAsia, July 13, 2008
Just on the assumption that your going to pay 20,000$ more for this car then a much roomier compact that gets say... 40mpg. And your keeping this car for 5 years, just that difference works out to a savings of 76.9 US$ Per week, not to mention interest, etc... I can buy a lot of recommended site buy levitra gas / miles for that. It's cool... It's a start, but until it hits the $20~25k retail price point, it will not have much of an impact.
Speed Bump?
written by Jim, July 13, 2008
Would a driver of a semi trailer even notice if he ran you over in this thing?
Actually, it would.
written by Clinch, July 13, 2008
The stuff (carbon monocoque) is going to get cheaper on its own (the article even says it'll be much cheaper in 4 years), because the research to make them cheaper has already been done, it's time they need now to buying cod tramadol implement the buy prescription cialis without research to their production plants.

And to those people saying it's good because it's small and light, you're missing the point, being that small is impractical for most people, and the increase in mileage because of the lighter materials is currently outweighed by the additional price of the lighter materials used.

I'd say buy a motorbike instead of this, you'll have more than enough money left over to afford the additional petrol, and you can spend the rest on solar panels or something.
Get cheaper???
written by D. C. Shiderly, July 13, 2008
Cheaper? This entire car is made out of _oil_.
Good Ideas, bad price
written by Tim, July 14, 2008
As many people have said already they have some great ideas but they are really tossing it up in the air about whether this will be a success with that price point. But, the tech will get cheaper in the coming years and the price for similar cars will come down.

They took some of the core ideas from the guys at the Rocky Mountain Institute and their hyper car. As someone already said a lighter car means less mass to move which in turn leads to a less powerful engine to move the car, and the engine probably weighs less too! Once the carbon fiber tech becomes cheaper they will hopefully start putting it into the more standard cars we are use too. Just think if Toyota cut 1000-2000lbs from the prius. Its mileage would rocket past its combined 46mpg it has now.
640 pounds = Most Stolen car ever.
written by Kelly Anderson, July 14, 2008
I cannot see a car that 2 - 3 guys could pick up, and throw in the back of a Ford F150, being in the possession of the original owner for more and a few hours. The first time you parked it in a parking lot, it would be gone.
640 pounds = Most Tipped car ever.
written by Clinch, July 14, 2008
Probably more so than the 'lift and steal' method, I can see people tipping this car over a lot.

Although, saying that, motorbikes are lighter than this, don't get carnapped or tipped that much (although, that could be because people would fear an angry motorcyclist more than they'd be scared of generic form of cialis someone who drives one of these).
written by wesley bruce, July 14, 2008
30k to 40k $ either the buy cialis online no prescription well connected source is two years out of date or I just stepped out of the Tardis. Fibre Forge has much cheaper carbon fibre. We have metal air batteries available now and a simple flywheel or hydrologic system will do cheaper regenerative braking than the ultracaps out there and this is the best VW can do? How is it that the best car companies in the world are not seeing what's out there. The car will be obsolete before it leaves the factory.
Wow and I thought our Prius was small an
written by Shocked, July 14, 2008
...and at only twice the price.

The gas savings is NEVER going to justify the cost of this car.
written by boohoo, July 14, 2008
the only way to get the price down is for people who can afford it to step up and show the auto industry that people are willing to make an investment to bring down the prices of carbon fiber

The problem with the hybrid market in general is that rich people don't have to "step up" because they can afford gas at nearly any price. You will see a few of these cars on the west coast, but forget about it in the affluent north east. With snow and other nature produced road obstacles the hassles of getting a green car isn't worth it in many parts to the US due to seasonal road conditions. At the price of $31,750 to $47,622, not many will be sold (not to mention a lack of AWD for those folks who need it in the northeast). That’s a luxury car price point and united healthcare viagra comes with a totally different consumer mindset.

They are definitely going to need to cialis canadian drug find a way to lower the price. People will buy a Prius or a Civic Hybrid hands-down over this car due to pricing alone.
To the Nitwith who says Move closer
written by Chris Taylor, July 14, 2008
Why does this stinking site keep telling me "spam content detected" I spent over 1 hours typing my reply. I WANT to post is. Suggestions?
Plastic or Paper
written by Souptik Gupta, July 15, 2008

Would you rather have a root canal without Novocain or fall down a flight of stairs? Would you rather breathe second hand smoke or get an X-ray without the cialis generic australiageneric viagra tablets lead protective vest? Would you like paper or plastic? Please visit for all your queries.
safety concerns of a short car from an I
written by Brenda Somes, July 23, 2008
I drive a 2006 Honda Insight (zero emissions model) I paid $18k new including the 1,500 tax rebate. 2 seater, hatch back, payload weight of about 375 including passengers, aircraft aluminum frame. Getting 61mpg over course of first 30K miles. I experience three concerns with the Insight that would likely be worse with this new car:

1) you can't see over short hedges at two-way stop intersections.

2)larger vehicle drivers must look DOWN to check if traffic is beside them when they wanted to change lanes.

3)oncoming headlights are at blinding eye-level.
you poor poor people
written by brittany, September 14, 2008
Do you people just see the bad in everything. I would drive this car if it would save me money! HELL I WOULD RIDE A HORSE IF THEY DIDNT COST SO MUCH! But atleast cars would be able to see me huh Brenda! Can't you just see what a differnce this car could make. Do you understand the concept of 230 mpg?? The amount of gas I spend in my 2002 grand am per month would make the payments on this car and pay for the gas. YOU PPL ARE UNGREATFUL SHITS HUH?! You are the first to say that ppl should experiment and try new things but you are the first to be critical to. Lets see you get your intelligent asses out there and build something better!
Nomes from Black Forest Know Better!
written by Uncle B, February 08, 2009
GM is dead at the government's teat, and with it, SUV's and big cars in general! OPEC and the Saudis sit this week to raise oil to $70.00 bbl! and they want more, later! Big transport trucking is on the cusp, and about to be transferred back to rail, from whence it came, with cheap oil! The average American will take the bus or walk, very soon, a dictum of the oil price hikes during the buy online prescription viagra (GRD) great republican depression, now underway! The highways are being cleared for better ideas as we speak, n'est pas?
VW, Hyundai, Toyota, all know the facts concerning what is to come to Americans, regardless of what Obama does. Post GRD, the American psyche will be pummeled flat, no more ridiculous sense of entitlement, no more wallets full of good money, no more unending credit, no more cheap fuels, no more cheap foods, many living in shanty-towns on cities edge, monumental arrogance totally deflated, Military forces an oiless mockery, industries gone off-shore, unemployment at sickeningly high levels, streets lined with foreclosure signs, mobs in the streets, moments from Anarchy, and Post GRD, a poverty stricken few survivors, only able to piece together some semblance of real viagra without prescription the former civilization! The new, super economical, bio diesel fuelable super light sane form of transport is for these gentle, environmentally conscientious thin, light bodied vegan folk, who will grow Algae based diesel fuels and live in garden communes, not for todays moron population anyway, so don't get stressed out, fooling yourselves thinking you can afford one, check at the bank first, you are broke!

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