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High Schoolers Design Enclosed Electric Motorcycle

We’ve seen conversation on EcoGeek lately about tiny electric cars looking and generic non prescription cialis running similar to enclosed motorcycles. Well, a team of high school students from Saint Thomas Academy decided that they might as well create that enclosed electric motorcycle for you all.

Using 60 volts from lithium phosphate batteries, the Briggs and Stratton ETEK panckac-style permanent magnetic electric motor can get the little bike up to 60 miles an hour, and it can go about 40 miles on buy levitra professional a charge. It can be recharged in as few as 3 hours. It’s a cute little bugger too.The body is carbon fiber and Kevlar composit, and the full seat has a seatbelt for the safety conscious. It looks like it’d take some practice to maneuver it, and we’ve seen other electric motorcycles that look a little less awkward, but it’d still be fun to genuine viagra for sale try.

The project was to design a highly efficient, environmentally friendly commuter bike with safety features above and beyond what is found on typical motorcycles. It’s been a year in the making, with 19 students starting the project last summer. And it looks like their efforts were well worth it. I love this little concept vehicle and the fact that high school students were resourceful and creative – the fact that a high school gets kids doing some hands on thinking is fantastic, and that it is green…well, even better. We love hearing about high school students showing scientists up. Talk about training the next generation of EcoGeeks! All I ever got to design in high school was how to catapult an egg without breaking it...

Via Autobloggreen, The Kneeslider

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