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AUG 04

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"Loving this truck, I hope it makes it big here in "the states". Some o..."

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2007 Hybrid Sierra (Greenwashed or Not)

There's talk about GM...ok...we've said some nasty things.  But we've said some nice things too.  And today, we'll be saying something nice again.  In 2007, GMC will be releasing the first hybrid electric trucks.  Now, some people may see a hybrid Sierra as greenwashing, but I'm having none of it.  I honestly believe that trucks are one of the most important kinds of look here best price for generic viagra vehicles to go hybrid. 

Improving the gas mileage of a car from 60 to 70 mpg saves about 2 gallons of gas per 1000 miles.  Increasing the mileage of a truck like the Sierra from 15 to 25 mpg, as GMC has, saves ten times that. And, quite frankly, I think we need trucks just as much as we need passenger cars.

This is a big deal.  A lot of people need trucks, especially out here in the hinterlands, and I'm not about to criticize them.  But right now people who neeed 350 horsepower and info levitra a flatbed don't have any options above 20 mpg.  And the cialis cheapest hybrid Sierra (greenwashed or not) gives people that option.

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I\'m with you Hank on
written by a guest, August 06, 2006
the correct vehicle for the job. It's the urban 4X4 idiots that I wish a fuel price hike upon. If you live in the city, get something that's appropriate; Compact so you don't take up two parking spaces, something that runs on the smell of an oily rag or better on some kind of non-poluting source. I'm sick of breathing in fumes. One good thing that's come of cheap viagra online canada high fuel costs, more people are catching public transport. At least they are here in Australia.

written by Dan, September 05, 2007
Loving this truck, I hope it makes it big here in "the states". Some of us have to use trucks to haul farming equipment, trash, trailers, etc. This is sooooo needed. I hope it's a success, my brother in law is looking into purchasing one as I type this :) ;D

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