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JUL 20

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"every attempt so far to introduce this technology has been shredded an..."

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Tesla Roadster Officially Released

This is what 40 million dollars in venture capital can do lowest price viagra uk for the electric car. We at EcoGeek will never tire of small goofy-looking electric cars that work wonderfully in the city. But sometimes, it's nice to see things mixed up a bit...and mixed up with some spice!

  • 0-60 in four seconds
  • regenerative breaking
  • 250 miles a charge
  • $100,000 sticker price
  • 248 HP
  • 125 MPH top speed
  • 6,831 Lithium Ion cells
  • 53 kW-h of storage
  • Two Seats
  • Convertible
  • 2352 mm wheel base
  • Based on the Lotus Elise

I don't care who killed the only here buy levitra us electric car, this is what'll bring it back to life. Why market a new idea to the masses when they obviously don't want it. Market it to the rich, and then, eventually, everyone else will get one when they're affordable. Or, at least, that seems to cialis online online be Tesla's philisophy. We certainly can't argue with all the pretty pictures.

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Friggin Amazing
written by a guest, July 20, 2006
I love the spectacular look of the car. It is a thing of beauty.
How Much!!!
written by a guest, July 23, 2006
If it didn't cost $100,000 I would order one today!
Oh so nice...
written by a guest, July 28, 2006
awwwww, I so want one, the raw power and the grace of design. Who could resist it, oh wait, bank account, deaming on
Gimme A Plug in Car
written by Rob Johnson, May 23, 2007
I missed out on GM/Saturns EV1, and the toyota Rav EV- I want one of these tesla cars so bad ;D cant wait until the price comes down
Looks like it could be a new kit car for
written by Mark Buresch, June 30, 2007
Boy, nice lines, lenght is about right, and height same way. Imagine if we all could build our own or even get a turn key version from our donor car. Well I guess we'll all have to wait as we did for all the other Lambo's and Mera's and 308's and 328's.
written by A, June 30, 2007
Crazy Car
written by Zuber, June 30, 2007
My Love is Here.
As the history Says that True lovers does not meet easily.
frickin sweet
written by kenny, June 30, 2007
awesome car in style..practically useful :P
written by Mario I. Hernandez Driggs, June 30, 2007
Un Ferrarino para ti, para los dos!
written by Keven, June 30, 2007
Just like another woman. Cant afford, coulndt get, or someone else would try to steal. Still, cant stop thinking about it!! Maybe some day... If Hell doesnt freeze over first. :P Never stop dreaming though!
written by Craig Koele, June 30, 2007
What a great name for an electric car! My 12 year old son did a report on Nikola Tesla this past school year and is now a big fan. We were both impressed with the buy cheap online viagra beauty of this vehicle and the inspired name. Well done!
written by bob, July 02, 2007
you all realize that this is just an electic motor wedged into a stock Lotus right?
Small homonym
written by Russel Polk, July 05, 2007
OK, I know I'm being picky, but if you're going to write professionally, please check for things like the difference between "breaking" as in things getting smashed and no longer working, and "braking" as in slowing down.

Then again, if I break it and it is truly regenerative. . . not so bad a feature!
Who killed the electric car?
written by Eric, August 06, 2007
It was GM if you didn't know. The bought up as many electric cars as they could and destroyed them. For some reason they seem to want to destroy the world. There once was a train that ran from my town to no prior prescription tramadol Toledo, which people could ride for free, and I believe it was electric. GM bought it and now no one can ride it at all.
RE: Small homonym
written by James, August 06, 2007
What's even sadder is buy tramadol 100 that misspellings are so prevalent in today's written world that my brain "corrected" breaking to braking without missing a beat. :o
Actually, GM is a pioneer...
written by Defiance, August 06, 2007
...they've been building hybrid vehicles since the 1950s. Don't believe me? GM's Electro-motive division. The ONLY reason a locomotive has a diesel engine is to turn the generator which in turn powers the electric motors at each axle. They also have a feature called dynamic braking which uses the loco's momentum to slow it down (this is the inspiration to regen braking).
The re-emergence of the electric car
written by Ted Mellander, August 06, 2007
Finally, an electric car that will "stick". Great marketing plan to focus on the eclectic and elite and viagra buy india let the masses come to them! And, not exactly a Lotus with an e-motor stuck in! Yes, Lotus is a starting point but if you think you can just modify a Lotus into a Tesla, you'll spend way more than 100K! There is apparently a lot of new and innovative engineering inside and not just an assemblage of current tech.
written by steven wooten, March 19, 2008
how far does it drive on a full charge and where do you refill it at
How much will a car like this effect you
written by Neil, March 19, 2008
I'm not very knowledgeable about electric cars. I'm just wondering how much this car is going to increase your electric bill when you have to charge it. Anyone have an idea? Just curious.
Retired ESL / English Teacher
written by Phil Williams, March 19, 2008
Please to generic levitra in india see an electric car out there. Now how good is setting up solar cells stations along the roadways that convert Sun Light to Electricity. While at it let the SC stations convert water to Hydrogen Liquid Gas to put into Hydrogen engine cars , truck and Buses. Once the Network of Thousands of SC stations is set up then, hook up Solar Pumps that will carry water from Eastern Flood prone areas, up over the Rockies, to Western Drought prone areas. Now, welcome to the 22nd Century. Phil the Lieu.
Electric or Gas
written by MRV, March 19, 2008
Electric car that perfomrs as a coventional gasoline sport car, Im impresed . In this time of world oil crisis this is the answer to the problem, great. Now I don't have 100k, uhhg I'll stick to my four barrel banger coz it wont cost that much for at least 10 years!
written by hey, March 29, 2008
really...find all the bad and then prick and i said prick it out its an electric car of course its going to be expensive so deal with it
written by brad, June 30, 2008
well lets just hope the oil companies dont destroy this as well,like they have every other attempt ,ill believe when i see it on the road,
lets unite and beat the buy discount levitra online greedy oil compa
written by brad, June 30, 2008
every attempt so far to introduce this technology has been shredded and bought out or sabotaged by the oil companies,ill believe it when we finally see it on the streets if it ever makes it

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