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"This technology is getting popular. It saves a lot of fuel & is totall..."

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Electric Vehicle With Exxon Technology...Wait What?!

Electrovaya is one of many companies out there trying to develop energy-efficient consumer applications via its own spin of eco-friendly technology. This company's latest offering falls into the automobile category - it is called the Maya-300.


The Maya-300 is described as your typical zero-emission, low-speed electric vehicle. It's powered by Electrovaya's "Lithium Ion SuperPolymer" technology with integrated battery management. This technology will reportedly allow this little vehicle to get up to 120 miles on a single charge, with its top speed being electronically regulated to 25 or 35 mph. This isn't exactly comparable to a traditional car, but for trips around town it might do the trick. It has an onboard battery charger, which works with a standard 110v outlet.

What is particularly interesting for the viagra professional green geek in us all is that the Maya-300's battery uses those "battery separator films" from ExxonMobil we recently blogged about. These are supposedly "an integral part of battery system design" and quite important to the system's overall performance. ExxonMobil, for its part, said its film technology "significantly enhances the power, safety and best price on levitra canada reliability of lithium-ion batteries, thereby helping speed the adoption of these smaller and lighter batteries into the next wave of lower-emission vehicles."

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Who revived the electric car?
written by stands2reason, June 07, 2008
Oil companies [Twlight zone].
written by Read More, November 11, 2013
This technology is getting popular. It saves a lot of fuel & is totally the one of the biggest achievement made by scientist & technologists.

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