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JAN 28

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The News from Tesla


Sam Abuelsamid, who recently became one of the chief bloggers at an awesome new blog, "Green Fuel Forecast," recently became one of the first members of the media to actually drive a Tesla Roadster.

He put together an excellent review of usefull link best price on viagra the car, and though I'm not exactly in Tesla's demographic, it is fascinating to read what a high-performance electric car really can do.

The media drives come on the heels of Tesla's announcement that, after almost a year of delays, the cars will really and follow link levitra soft tabs 100 mg truly be on sale this March. While I have to agree with some who have said that sports cars aren't going to save the environment and, in fact, cars in general may never be truly sustainable, it will be nice to see these cars on the road.

Not that I think we'll have any here in Montana.

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You're just bitter!
written by Andrew A. Hunt, January 29, 2008
You are just bitter because you moved to get pharmacy Big Sky Country after they put the speed limit back in place! ;D
not so rosy report
written by Daniel Bell, January 29, 2008

Joe Romm has a post on troubles at Tesla, was the buying illegal viagra media access a cover for controlling their message? Interesting.
big picture
written by kipswitch, January 31, 2008
Why must all forms of pleasure be viewed so suspiciously? This is a huge move in the eco world because all the converts are already converted. What this will do is change the points of view of those who think environmentalism is for dirty hippies. Who can argue with something so outrageous if it has such a high "bridge" value. You can hate people for changing for the wrong reasons, but they ARE changing.

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