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ADC Gets First Platinum LEED Cert. for Data Center Facility

ADC is creating what will be the we use it info levitra first Platinum LEED-certified data center hosting facility. They’re able to get this high rating by piping outdoor air inside to generic levitra effective cool the datacenters, rather than relying only on air conditioners, taking the load off the AC for 75% of the year. It’ll make it 25-30% more energy efficient, which clearly impresses LEED certifiers.

Because ADC’s billing structure has customers paying a portion of the power bill, customers have a nudge in the side to reduce their energy use as much as possible. Data centers are a known culprit for high energy use, and many companies are looking into creating more efficient servers and ways to make existing data centers more efficient. Additionally, the planning for the building includes options for customers to use water to cool their equipment, on-site power generation through fuel cells, and direct-current wiring to lower electricity use.

And they’re throwing in the now old-hat environmentally friendly building elements like capturing rainwater for landscaping and toilets, non-volatile paints, and reflective materials to reduce heat absorption during the buy ultram online no prescription canada day. The building is under construction and will open early next year.

Via cnet, photo via josjos


Dockside Green Gets World’s Highest LEED Score

Everything from the WTC to stadiums are scrambling for LEED certification these days, clambering to cialis medication ride the green trend in building and show how eco-friendly they are. But one luxury housing community has taken the trophy, gaining the highest LEED score in the world after building the community to Platinum LEED standards. Racking up 63 out of 70 possible points, the community beat out Wisconsin's Aldo Leopold Legacy Center, which once held the top score of 61. (Bank of America, are you sweating?)

Dockside Green in Victoria, Canada is turning some envious heads in the green building industry with its two condo buildings, townhomes and commercial space. Highlights include on-site sewage treatment and water re-use, store water-capture systems via green roofs, cisterns, bio-swales and bio-filtration that channel the sample cialis water into a stream flowing through the community. So pastoral.

The community’s energy systems makes them greenhouse gas-neutral and follow link levitra headaches also could allow it to be a net energy provider through its biomass gasification plant. The plant converts local wood waste into clean burning gas for heat and hot water. When tenants need to get around, they can use the Smart Car co-op. And of course the community houses Energy Star appliances and efficiency features like heat recovery ventilation units, Low E double glazed windows, and exterior blinds on lowest-price propecia costs us the sunny sides of the buildings.

The score alone proves that this building is more than a publicity stunt, but just in case some are skeptical, the development set themselves up for achieving their goal by setting a $1 million penalty for failure. If they didn’t hit their goal, they would have paid $1 million to the city to be used for triple-bottom-line projects. I’m sure the city will gain quite a bit more than $1 million through the completion of this project.

And all this is just phase 1. The rest of the $1.2 billion project will eventually have 1,000 housing units…and will be a seriously cool place to live.

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Will Dubai Never Cease? Xeritown Cleantech City

I think that Dubai is worth studying. How, exactly, does an oil state become the home of green innovations. It takes more than just money, of course, there are plenty of oil states who have remained in the cleantech dark ages. But I'm going to online levitra prescriptions have to file that thought away for later, because I must announce a NEW planned ultra-green city.

Xeritown is green in both high and low-tech ways. They've centered the city so that the ocean breeze air-conditions the entire city. They've laid it out to be pedestrian friendly and inconvenient for cars. There's no road more than two lanes wide in the whole 60 acres. And, taking it's name from Xeriscaping, the city uses next to no water for non-domestic purposes. All landscaping is suitable for the desert and graywater will be used for industrial purposes.

But, of course, it comes with its fair share of photovoltaics to power the city. Panels will line the streets and shade the sidewalks.

Of course, unlike Masdar City, this project has not yet been approved for construction. But if Dubai's record for surprising me stands, they'll be breaking ground in no time.

Via Inhabitat


GE Investing Millions into Abu Dhabi's Masdar City

GE recognizes a smart move when it sees one, and investing in Masdar City is just such a move. While already an anchor partner in the Masdar initiative, GE is forming a multi-billion joint venture with Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Development, the investment arm of the Abu Dhabi government and controller of the Masdar initiative, in which GE will invest up to $50 million in Masdar’s second Clean-Tech Fund and will establish a clean energy technology center in Masdar City. They plan to hire around 100 technologists to cialis 50mg fill positions – so if you’re a tech-geek looking for a new job, and want to move…

Additionally, the partners will each invest $4 billion into global commercial financial services businesses. GE is leaning toward the 100mg viagra Middle East because of the potential for water desalination and, energy investments and general outrageous growth. Not surprising, considering where the EU is headed for its own solar and water desalination investments.

Via CleanTech


Crab House has Eco Take on Beach Cabins

Having just spent a week in a cabin in the woods, I have a whole new fascination with the idea of a green get-away. The cabin I stayed in was a 1500 sq ft deal with a decidedly 70s flair, the best feature being the deck overlooking a grove of pines. The Crab House, however, turns that cabin on its A-line roof.

Architect Andrea Salvini has designed an anthropomorphic beach house that was inspired by – you guessed it – a crab. The house sits up on stilts, which is kind of where the likeness to a crab ends (thankfully), but is also eco-friendly in that it is built with energy efficiency in mind and utilizes environmentally responsible materials for construction.

Designing up, rather than out, also helps to minimize the footprint, kind of literally, by getting the most living area out of the least ground space. It’s not exactly the zero-carbon footprint plan that others are dreaming up, but I think this may be next on my list of cabins to rent, should it ever get built…

Via Inhabitat

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