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AUG 02

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Castle House Skyscraper Makes its Own Electricity

Take up residence in the Castle House, a proposed London Skyscraper, and you'll find yourself paying as much as 40% less on power, as the building will be generating most of it for you. The building is designed to aerodynamically channel wind through the three nine meter turbines that sit on top of the 43 story building.

If built, the building would have over three hundred apartments and generic viagra without a prescription 250,000 square feet.

More pictures if you continue reading.

Via Jetson Green

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written by ElizaF, August 03, 2007
Would rather live in a shack on the side of a mountain. How UGLY is that building?
written by EV, August 03, 2007
Oh, I wouldn't call it ugly. The impression I get is that it should be turning into a giant robot and go on a rampage. So, metal? Yes. Robotic? Yes. Ugly? Not really.
written by josh, August 03, 2007
Function over design. what matters most in my opinion is that it works well. It might not be the most beautiful, awe-inspiring design ever conceived, but it is far from being a boring, dull rectangle or cylinder. There are far worse buildings out there as far as i'm concerned.
written by M., August 03, 2007
It looks like the eye of Mordor
written by Robin, August 03, 2007
That is a really cool building
written by iliya, August 03, 2007
what a nice building
written by Ray, August 03, 2007
I think the tramadol fed ex overnight 180 building looks great. I wouldn't call it ugly at all.
written by ..., August 03, 2007
I believe all building should have some thing like that to save energy.
Can you get a shave with that thing?
written by Gadget Blog, August 03, 2007
Who designed that thing, Norelco? Where does the shave gel come out?
Let's Have It
written by D. le Douche, August 03, 2007
Fuck it, just build it. It's tall and interesting and weird, just like the women I date.
written by Marc A., August 03, 2007
Looks better than a power plant.
Uh not as ugly and weird...
written by Thomas, August 03, 2007
Uh not as ugly and weird as having to viagra cost look at people's asses while surf Giz.

Please, take this damn pics down!
The dark tower
written by Nate, August 03, 2007
The building looks evil. It would cast a foreboding shadow over a beautiful city.
Web Designer
written by marchisi, August 03, 2007
The Norelco comment is pretty funny but you can never please everyone. I see how the design channels the wind into the cheap propecia uk turbines which was done fairly elegantly and interestingly. Would be fun on special occasions to make giant bubbles from them. ;)
Very Cool
written by Nikki, August 03, 2007
I would live there in a heart looks cool and if its going to save money and electricity I am all for it... :)
written by IceBurrg, August 03, 2007
$5 says that building is a Decepticon.
written by Whitney, August 03, 2007
It looks like the tower that held the glowing eye in Lord of the Rings.
Make it better
written by IceMan, August 03, 2007
The most wind occurs at night and batteries are to expensive to store the energy. Add ice storage to the building. Ice can be generated at night with renewable energy to be used during the peak of tramadol 377 from canadian pharmacy day to minimize (dirty and expensive) peak power. BOA is doing it in NYC.
written by Maximos, August 03, 2007
With all the airplanes we have flying around cities, I hope I dont lose control and end up in the shaver...
written by Adam, August 03, 2007
I wouldnt mind living there.
written by hippie, August 03, 2007
okay, so hypothetically, if this thing goes up -- what kind of impact will that kind of turbine have on the flight-paths of high-flying pigeons and other birds? imagine, if you will, a roost of pigeons being sucked into the 9-meter fans and spit out the other side, feathers, bones and all -- falling all 43 storeys to the pedestrians below.
I'd be more impressed
written by Anthony, August 03, 2007
If it had solar panels AND wind power. Double whammy.
Evil Headquarters?
written by Helmi, August 03, 2007
Did they make it look evil on purpose? It looks like Dr. Evil and viagra prescription / or the bad guy from "the 5th element" should live there.
written by sleeper, August 03, 2007
damn that thing is UUGHH lee. put up enough of them and they will block each other's wind and the turbines won't function.
written by peter, August 03, 2007
You can't deny that it would be fun to sit within range of unsuspecting tourists when the shit hit the viagra order buy branded levitra fan.
ugly but cool
written by gordon, August 03, 2007
that is a pretty ugly building but the idea of a building generating its own energy is cool.

having said that, it looks like an ionic breeze.
Wind turbines don't suck
written by SCIENCE, August 03, 2007
They're not jet engines, they don't suck air into them - the air turns them - so as long as the birds can deal with the wind they should be safe enough. cool building, but is already being carried out on smaller scales all over the UK check out bedzed in sutton.
quiet revolution
written by Mark, August 03, 2007
they should look into different propeller designs...
written by Eric, August 03, 2007
It looks like a transformer, possibly a decepticon!
written by Tweek, August 03, 2007
It only looks ugly from a top view. The side view looks very nice... like something out of viagra woman star trek... I think that it's only when you see those red dots on the points that you think of devil's horns and, thus, ugly. I bet you can't see that from ground level and then it looks just fine.
written by mckenzie lloyd smith, August 03, 2007
Every one nowadays says they want to do something about global warming, and everyone jumps on the guy who drives the unnecessarily large car, but when it gets down to it few people actually change there ways enough so they can really say 'I'm making a difference'.... It seems that everyone is a nimby [not in my back yard] also, and people want the world to go green but don't actually want huge great turbines put up all over the land, well... I think this is the sort of thing we should be doing, rather than spending millions each year on weapons and defense systems, put some money into architecturally designing carbon-neutral and self reliant eco buildings, which don't rely on any nonrenewable resources like coal, and start building, haven't we learn't yet that as humans once we have something, its almost impossible to let it go... so why not harness this and combine both modern structures and canadian pharmacy online designs with there own renewable sources, this also cuts out the need for millions of miles of cables, which has to be put down it the turbines are off site, which takes fuel!! SO I say GO FOR IT! well done you! ;D
eye tower
written by chris, August 03, 2007
lol, yea, looks like tower of the eye of fire in Lord of the Rings, Sauron! good call
written by Chris, August 03, 2007
What do the looks even generates its own energy. Hmm....Cheaper living costs or a "pretty" apartment building....You guys are idiots.
written by Tristian, August 03, 2007
I wonder if this is another one of those kick people out of council properties to make way for affordable homes for the privileged?
written by Poison, August 03, 2007
I love the look of the building and as for birds there are devices which generate noises so that birds will fly away from the noise.

These buildings optimize space and are using natural ways to save our earth.
written by Dean, August 03, 2007
i dont think it looks ugly at all
written by mikey, August 03, 2007
I'm sorry but this is a fugly building... common look at dubai... spend a few bucks on design and let your engineers work out the details... i agree that this is functional, but something that large should be a little better looking.
written by brad, August 03, 2007
"Would rather live in a shack on the side of a mountain. How UGLY is that building?"

everyone's entitled to their opinion, but you're an idiot. first of all we have to stop fucking around and figure out this energy thing. and you're just not used to that kind of design. but compared to the standard rectangle, this is a fucking mona lisa.

seriously cool concept, and nice integration.
Loves it!
written by Slayer Nine, August 03, 2007
I would totally live there, the electricity is definitely a bonus as it would cut down on the large bill I have for running all my computers and gadgets. ;D
That building
written by Sweet, August 03, 2007
Those pictures kick ASS
written by billy bob, August 03, 2007
it's not UGLY_ I think it's pretty damn innovative_ And the style itn't half bad_ It's on-the-edge modern but not so futuristic that it's out of place_
britan is a shithole anyways
written by joeww, August 03, 2007
london skycrapper rofl, london is a stinky ghetto of europe doesnt matter if the city looks good or looks ungly it remains a shithole comparing to the usa
Very cool
written by Shycon, August 03, 2007
Very cool visualization... is it the future of skyscrapers?
written by Joe, August 03, 2007
That's awsome!! Some pretty one dimensional comments going on here though. Who cares if you think its ugly, these things are needed. How beautiful are todays square boxes that are trying to resemble some future? They aid in the toxicity of the Earth, how ugly is that? Are there corporate swindlers in our midst? Are you working for the corporate entity with your capital agenda? You people really need to see the enter site buy cheap levitra big picture.
Online Designer
written by Rich, August 03, 2007
ElizaF probabally drives a hummer the building is very good looking.
What happens...
written by - $100,000 online, August 03, 2007
What happens when someone builds a building right in front of it, and blocks the wind?

One Man. One Year. $100,000 online. Skyscraper money.
written by zdadsad, August 03, 2007
Wait until you hear the noise those things make . . .
written by Moses, August 03, 2007
nifty, I think it would be perfect for me and casper.
Sound? Vibration?
written by Al, August 03, 2007
How do they plan to block out the sound of those wind generators? and the vibration they give off?
written by eBooksBay, August 03, 2007
Wow, Very Cool ;)
Think it through a little better.
written by Devin, August 03, 2007
It's not going to save anyone any money. This place will have astronomical rent because of viagra cialis canadian pharmacy its notoriety, construction cost, and the fact that Prius driving, self important, zero-carbon-footprint celebrities will buy up all the flats so they can brag on TV about how they are making a difference and find cialis on internet how disappointed they are in the rest of us.

Power Bill: -40%
Rent Check: 200%
Inflated sense of self importance: Priceless

The construction costs for a system this inefficient offsets any impact it would have otherwise. Wind is not an efficient means of collecting energy, buildings should be built with large fuel cells and solar systems; they are more efficient, do not require a special design to implement, and can be retrofitted into practically any building. You can even build hydrogen separation systems into the loop and have the entire thing run off waste water.

There are huge windmill farms in California that have little to no impact on the state of the environment (other than being a tremendously ugly eye sore) or the economics of energy consumption. Putting three of these things at the top of a building will do little else than provide a topic of tramadol legality mexico conversation for the neo-hippy-guilt-trip-you-about-your-carbon crowd.
Ugly ?
written by yimini, August 03, 2007
Some of levitra generic india you find it ugly ?!? And the typical little boring box shaped building next to it is attractive ? Take your head out of your arse you idiots.
written by Mike, August 03, 2007
If it works, look for many buildings to retro fitted, I would think.
written by ZexMarquies01, August 03, 2007
I agree that this builing is SEXY! its sleek, got a nice curvature shape, and ISN'T THE UGLY ASS SQUARE SHAPE!

i'd LOVE to have cities populated with these buildings! they look sweet, and would lower the power usage quite a bit. With enough buildings like these, power companies would start charging lower prices, since less power is being used by the canadian pharmacies online cialis cities on a constant basis. And it would be an incentive for people to NOT build buildings that generate their own power, due to electricity costs lowering!

I like it!
Everyone's a critic
written by DJVelveteen, August 03, 2007
Welcome to the Internet, where the value of a snarky comment is greater than the value of its social responsibility!

I think the building looks awesome. Don't see a lot of people on here complaining about the "ugly" Space Needle, but then again - people typically fear the new and interesting.
written by dan the man, August 03, 2007
What could be more environmentally friendly than a building that produces lecky AND shreds umpteen pidgeons?
written by Gypsyp, August 03, 2007
Is there just one prevailing wind in London? or would they build the entire building to swivel with the wind? I hope they get the cialis soft online ordering orientation correct.
Why would this harm pigeons
written by Travelfeet, August 03, 2007
Firstly there is no "suction" in this or any windmill desgn, the turbines likely move more slowly than wind speed. "suction" would indicate energy being added to the local environment, not removed.

Secondly, pigeons have to contend with plenty of other obstacles in city life, I imagine they would adjust well enough to not fly into the blades.

I do wonder about isolating the vibration from the rest of the building structure. I imagine it would feel like my smarmy high efficiency front loading washer running on high speed spin 24/7 (or at least when there is sufficient breeze to turn the blades.)

Wouldn't many smaller turbines be easier to install, maintain, and provide less danger to birds etc...
written by Arun, August 03, 2007
Imagine the top floor people hearing the windmill whooshes all day all night .... that should generate some heat energy definitely ;)
I like it
written by Gruga, August 03, 2007
How funny.

I like the building, but it seems to cause strong reactions in people. Probably not a good idea for public buildings, some might find it threatening.
Cool idea.
written by BuÄŸra, August 03, 2007
It's really good idea to use skyscrapers in this way. It's also green energy.
I like it, too!
written by MerovingiaN, August 03, 2007
good job
Interesting idea
written by Ralph Machio, August 04, 2007
It's not about looks, but more about functionality. And it is lacking in Functionality to be honest. Anyone ever try to fly a kite? You do realize the wind direction changes - you people do know that right? So when the wind changes does the building follow suit and turn with the direction of the wind? If not it's pretty useless don't ya think? Even the windmills in California change direction in regards to the wind. I was also thinking that any building could do this and add non-movable wind turbines on their roofs, and since they apparently don't need to change direction to the wind you could save tons of money and just use duct tape - hey, I'm trying to help here.....
written by Preston, August 04, 2007
Dang, I should invest some time in digg. 900 diggs and 40,000 visits? Wow, that's incredible. Thanks for the link back!
I think its BEAUTIFUL
written by Chris, August 04, 2007
really, it looks awesome. Way better than all those other ugly buildings around it.
pretty futuristic
written by Over.D, August 04, 2007
if the whole city was filled with those things it would remind me of blade runner, and they probably would have the first eco friendly powered city
Lotto Magic
written by Lotto Magic, August 04, 2007
Sort of Gotham City like. But really, saving energy is beautiful.

Lotto Magic
written by Arnold, August 04, 2007
It's very innovative! The design is bold and thought provoking! Awesome!
written by George, August 04, 2007
I would hope that the levitra canada prescription designers of such a project will have the forethought to factor in the following:
*ease of maintenance
*safety/protection of the appliance(s)

Too often I've found that those who create devices such as this ultimately fail to look at the BIG picture. Inevitably, this will require some TLC due to age, environment and buy viagra soft tabs "other" issues (bird strikes :D).

When it's all said and done...I'm all for this.

just my $0.02...
Great building but a bit too big maybe a
written by Gidseo, August 04, 2007
I'd hate to be the person who had to do the maintenance on those turbines.
Dreaming is not the answer
written by AC, August 04, 2007
In ideal conditions :

turbine diameter : 9 meters
turbine surface : 64 sq meters
total surface (x3) : 192 sq meters

air specific weight : 1.2 kg/m^3 (@20°C)

H:average wind speed : 10 m/s (optimistic)

-> specific kinetic energy : 50 J/kg
-> air flow : 2304 kg/s
-> total power traversing turbines : 115 200 W

H: turbine efficiency : 50 % (=overrated)

-> total power produced : 57.6 kW

-> power per apartment : 192 W

In real life :

* wind speed is not constant
* efficiency is not 50% (20%-40%?)

-> real power per apartment : 50 W

not negligible but marginal.

(And a big problem is that the grid must compensate the wind fluctuations, and that is *bad* news for the global greenyess of the thing)
innovation makes a great city
written by Sidredd, August 05, 2007
You need buildings like this to set a city apart from its peers, to add to and build upon a world renound skyline. Not everyone is going to love it but that it evokes strong reaction is enough. London roxorz :P
hyperbolic wind from marketing dept.
written by Noel Bene, August 05, 2007
Wind generation systems all have yaw control to point into (or away from) the wind at a perpendicular axis of attack. Does the EYE of MORDOR rotate on the parking garage? Big hype, but no real value.
written by Michael Brito, August 05, 2007
Well hemp wearing vegen loving hippies might not like it, but us techno loving, cyborg assimilating, cyber punks think it's cool as hell!!!
written by Janne Sinisalo, August 05, 2007
That's one of the most beautiful buildings I've seen.
Are you people crazy?
written by Trey Kane, August 06, 2007
I bunch of comments stood out to me here. "Its ugly." "It looks evil". "It would ruin a beautiful city". Okay, so we all agree on one thing, the way the world is going, we are all screwed. If we don't get a handle on this problem, everyone will pay the price. I think wind turbines in as many places as we can get them is a wonderful idea. It doesn't rely on the sun which can be unreliable. There is almost always some kind of wind to move these things, and the updrafts on the building should acctually help them out.
So why is it that when a good practical solution comes up everyone shoots it down because its ugly?
Its not going to be pretty, and if thats your only reason for letting our planet die I think you need to re-prioritize the way your thinking.
written by Alfonso, August 07, 2007
Why don't they build 6 turbines so it generates the discount levitra 80% of the energy? :S
written by dmitry, August 16, 2007
It is so funny to read this... For many people here it is unimaginable that someone might not have seen lord of the ring movies. I read the books. Have you?
Anyway, there are in general 2 types of people:
- the ones that talk about others doing thing or watch others doing things
- and the ones that make things happen...
It is like ... the east is east and the west is west and never they twine shall meet...
Don't you warry and let the rest bark: the buildings will be there... rather sooner then later
Greatest idea ever.
written by Christian, August 23, 2007
This thing is the opposite of ugly, and it would be worth every penny...
written by edwina, November 05, 2007
WOW....................thats really cool!!!!!!who designed it?????????????? ;D ;) ;D
written by Joshua G., November 05, 2007
:D ;D woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooooow that is the coolest thing ever! I am doing a project for school and i think i am going to take the idea! thanks :)
written by dunno, December 15, 2007
the thing i dont understand is why people are upset over the fact that this company is making a ton of money. so the people who design this environment friendly building charge alot.. WHO CARES! 1, its helping our environment which is the only reason people can even live, and 2, if the company makes a lot of money wont it encourage them to make more environment friendly options? wouldnt u rather have expensive things like this being manufactured than expensive cars like hummers which are absolutely destroying our environment? becuase i sure would.

build it! :)
Erm........ no
written by ElizaF, January 29, 2008
ElizaF probabally drives a hummer the building is very good looking.

No, Elizaf does not drive at all she decided to get rid of her car to reduce her carbon footprint.

However, thanks for the assumption.

Just because someone does not like the form of something does not mean they do not like the function.

Out local authority re-cycling bins are pure ugly too but I agree completely with what they are used for.
To the commentator with the potty mouth
written by ElizaF, January 29, 2008
everyone's entitled to their opinion, but you're an idiot. first of all we have to stop fucking around and figure out this energy thing. and you're just not used to that kind of design. but compared to the standard rectangle, this is a fucking mona lisa.

I am glad you are enlightened enough to think people are entitled to their opinion. Very modern of you.

So why start swearing and being aggressive when that opinion is not the same as your own?

You are presuming because I do not like the form of the building that I am also opposed to its eco-friendly function and have no appreciation for the design.

Yes I agree with you, something has to be done about the impending world energy crisis or fucking around and figure out this energy thing as you so poetically put it.

How on Earth do you know what kind of design I am used to? I passed a remark on one building based on the aesthetics of it.

Now for some presumption of my own;
- Since you cannot write a simple paragraph without swearing
- Since you react aggressively to an opinion you do not share
- Since you take one remark about the appearance of a building and draw it out to make presumptions about my intelligence, opinions and lifestyle.

I am concluding you have very high blood pressure.
like the building
written by Projektowanie Stron Internetowych, January 16, 2010
I like the building, but it seems to cause strong reactions in people. Probably not a good idea for public buildings, some might find it threatening.
Unfortunately, It Won't Put a Dent In Anyone's Electric Bill.
written by James K Mackinnon, January 17, 2010
Thremendous waste of time and energy. Looks cool. I had a wind turbine that "Looked Cool" according to anyone who talked to me about it. Unfortuneately for me this Chinese turbine sold to me by "ARI Renewable Energy Company" out of Manassas Virgina, was supposed to produce a 48 volt output in a 10 mph wind. It only produced 12 volts. I got ripped off, but that's a story for another day. This big thing can never do anything noticable to any electric bill in that many apartments and companies in that big building. What about the month with too little wind? What about maintaining the giant rotors for the cost vs effectiveness? It's insane to go this far for something that "Looks Cool".
I dumped a lot of wasted money into something that was supposed to help produce power to keep my off grid system topped of, but all I got was the "Looks Cool" comments. It died in the first 50 mph wind. What will people in London pay for "Looks Cool"? It will NEVER pay for itself.
This Is Insanity
written by BeckonsAttore, July 15, 2013
And guess who it was that said this was impossible back in the time? Who's the insane one now? Ha ha! Now, you may call me insane for having an interest in lotto magic, but hey it helps. I've seen it first hand, though you have to know their tricks and the little games they play, which I either keep overlooking or just can't figure out. but anyway, we're all insane in somebody's eyes It's no reason to mark somebody as insane simply because they're truly being themselves, not a threat to anyone else.

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