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"this is homemade cialis just another layer to add to the cost of doing business in new..."

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New York Requiring New Government Buildings to get viagra online with paypal Go Green

Governor Paterson of 100 mg levitra New York has been using his political power for good recently.  In May, he ordered all state agencies to switch from bottled to tap water and yesterday he signed the State Green Building Construction Act which requires all new construction and renovations of government buildings to meet green guidelines.

The state's Office of General Services (OGS) will be in charge of the new building standards.  While the guidelines haven't been written yet, they will probably borrow heavily from LEED certification requirements.  The OGS has 31 LEED-accredited designers and every new construction project overseen by the cheapest viagra usa agency is assigned a LEED professional to identify sustainable building opportunities.

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written by rcm, September 05, 2009
nice article!

semi green blog
Bottled water and viagra 25 tap water, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by katie D, September 09, 2009
(This post includes my correct web address): A great way to make commercial buildings more eco-friendly and "green" is to switch their power platforms from AC power to DC power. DC power is the "juice" that most if not all electronic devices are run on, and it is inherently more efficient than AC power. Additionally, renewable energy sources, such as Solar and Wind Turbines, produce DC power. So why not run your building using a DC network? It will be renewable ready and much more efficient -- saving money and reducing carbon emissions. It's a no-brainer.
Might as well....
written by Lesley LEED AP, September 10, 2009
The building requirements in New York are stringent enough that ALL buildings might as well follow the guidelines for LEED certification, not just government buildings.
Bike Rooms & Folding Bikes
written by Abio Bikes, September 16, 2009
All buildings should have a bike room (& shower) also to encourage commuting by bike! This is NYC, the densest city in America and mail order cialis yet pales in comparison in terms of biking compared to major cities around the world.

Better yet, there should be a requirement that all employees need to commute by bikes! =D

Abio Bikes
Chainless Folding Bikes
new york is expensive
written by new york restaurants, November 08, 2009
this is just another layer to add to the cost of doing business in new york. at least it is for a good cause

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