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MAY 07

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Navy Demonstrates Fuel From Seawater Production

A team of buy tramadol 180 US Navy research scientists has developed a method to produce liquid fuel from seawater, using CO2 and hydrogen extracted from the it's cool ocean and then processed with a metal catalyst to produce liquid fuel. As a demonstration of the concept, an unmodified scale airplane has been flown with the seawater fuel.

The concentration of CO2 is about 140 times higher in seawater than it is in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and hydrogen are the two feedstocks needed to make hydrocarbons. The process relies on "an iron-based catalyst [which] has been developed that can achieve CO2 conversion levels up to 60 percent and decrease unwanted methane production in favor of longer-chain unsaturated hydrocarbons (olefins)." The process is claimed to cialis in australia for sale be the first technology of this type with the potential for commercial implementation.

"The predicted cost of jet fuel using these technologies is levitra prices in the range of $3-$6 per gallon, and with sufficient funding and partnerships, this approach could be commercially viable within the next seven to ten years."

video clip: Flight with Seawater Fuel

image credits: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

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Oh how wonderful, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Martha W D Bushnell, May 24, 2014
This is wonderful news for it can reduce CO2 in the water and atmosphere significantly. Keep up this outstanding work.
written by Gadja Madha, July 02, 2014
We have been pray for this many year. Seawater is solution to all problems. It is possible to convert sea water into many different products.

Some things: Fuel for submarine, fuel for motor bike, fuel for public bus, fuel for the street kitchen making the nice curry, fuel for sewage pumps.

After convert to fuel can then convert into elaborate item like Lego brick, syrop and automotive use.
written by Olly Matas, August 03, 2014
I often wondered about hidden secrets of usa generic levitra sea water. The ancient seers told of the powers that reside within sea water but it was secret knowledge only allowed to the inner circle of priests and a restricted number of acolytes.

Having the entire ocean as a fuel tank gives us plenty of power to attack global warming on a planetary scale. According to my calculations, we need to use almost one third of the ocean's water to power a planet size refrigeration plant to cool the waters of the ocean. This will move the planetary climate trend back towards cooling. It could overshoot by a small amount, but that is buy pfizer viagra in canada OK, we have enough fuel reserves in the ocean to account for small calibration errors like that.

We could also tap into the power being generated by differential sub-crustal rotational velocities of indian cialis canada the molten iron core of the planet. We can tap it off using magnetic pulse conductors and buy generic viagra without prescription bring it to the surface for conversion into electricity where it can be distributed to cialis online canada the customers.
Seriously guys calm down...
written by David Hurt, August 05, 2014
Well I'm going to give Gadja and Olly the cymbalta without prescription benefit of the doubt and say they are being deliberately humorous...

While certainly a clever way of sequestering Carbon if the Olefin is used as a basis for plastics, anything to use this as fuel would be carbon neutral at best.

To be clear, friends, this is NOT using the seawater as an energy source. This is an electrically powered machine to convert NaHCO3 in the ocean into long-chain hydrocarbons. A very interesting design, but not some sort of magical cure for our problems.

You have no "calculations", and once again this is not a power generator. It is a potentially useful way to convert electrical energy into chemical potential energy.
written by Zoltan, August 13, 2014
I am not sold on this idea yet, but I do like the idea of almost limitless fuel from the sea water. I wonder how many scientists have been working on this problem before only to have their work confiscated by oil companies and their lives ruined.

Why does it matter if using the olefins as fuel is carbon neutral, it will allow the the continued use of diesel and gasoline engines - on a carbon neutral basis. That is a major win right there.

I am a bit worried about too many long chains going into the ocean. I suppose a long chain half-life is of original brand cialis sufficient duration for it to be of concern to other stake holders as well.

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