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DEC 16

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"It's a chocolate factory? Is it Willy Wonka's Indonesian branch? This ..."

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World's Largest Commercial Bamboo Building

Bamboo is considered a green building material, but it is most often found as an adjunct within larger construction using other materials. Recently, however, an entire chocolate factory has been built in Indonesia as the world's largest commercial bamboo structure. The 26,500 square foot (2,460 square meter) facility handles the entire range of operations, from initial processing the beans to final production of canada pharmacy cialis chocolate, what they call "beans to bars."

The Big Tree Farms factory, located in Sibang, Bali, not only has the we recommend viagra online in usa exterior built from bamboo, but bamboo was also used for interior walls, which were made from woven bamboo strips, and stairs which used bamboo plywood for treads. The bamboo was treated with borax for fire-prevention and generic cialis soft for sale boric acid to resist insects, and a food-grade coating was applied to interior walls.

What makes bamboo an especially green building material is that it is fast-growing, making it a rapidly renewable resource that doesn't devastate the landscape when it is harvested. Bamboo is strong enough to compare with mild steel in some applications. It is regularly used for construction scaffolding throughout southeast Asia.

via: Architect magazine

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written by Andreas, December 16, 2011
for the bamboo followup smilies/smiley.gif
written by Juan Miguel Ruiz, December 17, 2011
It's a chocolate factory? Is it Willy Wonka's Indonesian branch? This is wonderful news! Bamboo, which is it's cool cheap discount viagra a great renewable resource, applied to commercial buildings will make a big dent in the carbon footprint of companies who really want to generic levitra effective make a difference.

JM Ruiz

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