Saab’s ethanol turbo

Written by on May 1, 2006

While we all understand the green benefits of pouring ethanol in our tanks, the folks at Saab realized one of its drawbacks — it only has 75% of the potential energy of gasoline, leaving gunning-hungry drivers needing 20% more to keep up the horsepower.
Standard ethanol is a 85/15 ethanol/gasoline blend, and Saab realized its high octane rating — 110 — would work with a turbocharger. It created the BioPower engine, the first ethanol turbo. The engine runs with both gasoline and ethanol, but when it runs on gasoline it only gets 148 horsepower, and on ethanol it gets up to 184.
What's it all mean? If you want to start gunning green, you'll be able to get up to 140 mph, but the car's still a bit heavy on the checkbook at $35,000.  

3 Responses to “Saab’s ethanol turbo”

  1. ham sandwich says:

    argy bargy bargy, i’m the keeper of the gold see? you wont be gettin any of my gold!! argy bargy

  2. Mr.Z says:

    D man
    If your car is not meant for E85 DONT run it!!! Yes your car can be converted to E85 for around $100 for most engines. BUT that is very strange that they switched to all E85… thats just bad buissnes and frankly does not make any sense (especially in TX).

  3. a guest says:

    Without any warning, over the weekend, every single gas station I know sells this E-85 stuff. I’ve used it now for 2 fillups. And I get WAY LESS mpg with this crap! And also and most of all–am I wrecking my car? I mean I have no choice–the gas stations of every brand, got together over mid-June, and decided to go all E-85. Aren’t they supposed to give you a CHOICE? And if they don’t care to do that, and this crap hurts your car WHICH MOST CARS AREN’T GEARED TO RUN ON–then what? Who do you sue? I never heard of not giving people either a choice, or a conversion kit. I drive a ’98 Crown Vic and I used to get 350-60 miles between fills, at a rate of 26mpg highway, and 22 city driving. After 2 fills of this E-86 junk, I’m lucky to get 17mpg city and I don’t DARE take it out on the highway!

    Anyone? Help! I live in the Grand Prairie, TX area. Anyone tell me anything about this? Like where can I get REAL gas??? Please contact me at:
    [email protected]. Thanks. Val